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Atlanta Jobs Announcement Bodes Well for Investors

One of our major markets is Atlanta, Georgia, so we like to keep a close eye on business and economic development there. One recent piece of news worth noting – because it directly impacts demand for multifamily as well as single-family housing – is that Rochester, N.Y.-based Koning Corp. plans to relocate its headquarters to Atlanta, generating 400 new jobs over the next few years. That is according to a report in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Koning Corp. is a medical device maker that has announced it has developed the first CT imaging system specifically for detecting breast cancer. In addition to the headquarters, Koning plans to build a facility of up to 100,000 square feet for manufacturing the machines, the report says.

Job creation is one of the main indicators of a strong market that guides our investing decisions, because jobs growth means population growth and population growth means a need for more homes.

You can read more about this and other Atlanta area economic news from Atlanta Business Chronicle by clicking here.

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