Ways to Build Your Investor Base

A question I often hear from my students and others who are just learning about multifamily investing through syndication is: “What are the fundamentals I need to know to grow my investor base?” Clearly,

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How To Build Wealth Through Apartment Investing

Apartment investing is an excellent way to build wealth because of the strong cash flow that is provided by owning multiple apartment rental units. This type of investing builds wealth much faster than

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Keys to Understanding Emerging Markets

When my team and I consider where to make our multifamily investments, we look for emerging markets. I talk about this often in my blogs as well as my presentations to potential investors. So just what

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investing in apartments

Is Multifamily Momentum Starting to Fade? Perhaps, but…

Is the multifamily sector’s momentum starting to fade? A new report from Ten-X, a national data-powered online commercial real estate transaction platform, suggests it is. But just because rent growth

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7 Tips for Public Speaking and Conquering Your Fear

If you want to succeed as a multifamily investment syndicator, it is absolutely essential that you master the art of public speaking. Does that mean you’re out of luck if you are not a gifted orator,

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The Best Markets for Investing in Apartment Buildings in 2018

What are the best markets for investing in apartment buildings in 2018? Before we answer that question, it is worth considering the overall economic climate. As we enter 2018, we are seeing a changing

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2018 Predicted as Strong Year for Multifamily (But We Already Knew That!)

As active multifamily investors constantly monitoring the best times for both entry and exit, we are buoyed by a recent report in National Real Estate Investor that predicts 2018 will be another strong

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How to Handle Rejection from Investors

One very important thing I teach my students is how to handle investor rejection. You see, not all investors will be interested in your deal. Each one is different. Everybody—husband, wife, family—has

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rising home prices

When Homeownership is Out of Reach, Smart Investors Can Benefit

A just-published study by GoBankingRates.com finds that homeownership is out of reach for more than half of households in many large U.S. cities, led by – no surprise – San Francisco, followed by Boston

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elevator pitch

Tips for Nailing Your Elevator Speech

When you first meet someone — even if you don’t already know you’ll be working with that person on an investment deal — it’s important for you to have a polished “elevator pitch” or elevator

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a Moneil community

Single-Family vs. Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Single-family vs. multifamily real estate investing is a question many real estate investors ask again and again. Certainly there are advantages to both. Single-family vs. multifamily investing When I

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investing with no money

How to Buy Multifamily Investment Property With No Money Down

Financing multifamily investment property is something many of my student-investors struggle with. Often, they worry that they need many thousands of dollars in cash to get into this type of investment. You

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map pinpointing Atlanta

Atlanta Jobs Announcement Bodes Well for Investors

One of our major markets is Atlanta, Georgia, so we like to keep a close eye on business and economic development there. One recent piece of news worth noting – because it directly impacts demand for

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apartment building

How to Get Started in Owner-Occupied Multifamily Investing

I enjoy teaching investor students and helping them learn about multifamily investing and syndication and all of the benefits it brings. Many people ask, “How do I get started?” Not everyone is ready

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How To Raise Money For Multifamily Property Investing

Multifamily property investing requires raising money because it typically involves acquiring apartments that cost more than single-family homes you buy for real estate investment. I would like to share

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What Millennial Renters Want

Do You Know What Your Millennial Rental Customers Want?

A recent survey by John Burns Real Estate Consulting found that what Millennials want most when they’re looking for amenities in a place to live is not brand names, but rather features. And they especially

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