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How to Interview a Property Management Company

Every multifamily property investor knows it is essential to properly interview and screen the company that will manage one of your largest and most valuable assets worth millions. I really believe that

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Multifamily Investing Forecast For 2018

I hear a lot that a correction is coming in multifamily investing in 2018. Is it really? When? Where? In what markets? How long will it last? These questions have been on the minds of a lot of multifamily

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those who believe that renting is more affordable has increased to 76 percent from 68 percent since Freddie Mac's last renter survey in March, 2017

70% Of Tenants Think Renting Is More Affordable Than Buying

A large number of renters view renting as an option that fits their lifestyle, and a strategic choice at many life stages, according to new research. That’s useful information for investors whose portfolios

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first loan

4 Keys to Getting Your First Loan

I want to talk to you about how to finance your first deal. It can be quite difficult to get your first loan, but be persistent, think big and stand tall! When I first started, my partner and I had only

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7 Keys To Renovation Of Apartment Buildings

Investing in multifamily real estate can be very rewarding, but what happens if you see a building you think needs too much renovation? Will it ever work? When I first looked at a multifamily property

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wage growth

Cities With Fastest Wage Growth In U.S.

The Provo-Orem, Utah area ranks number three among metro areas in the West and Midwest that are experiencing the most rapid wage growth, while metro areas in the southern and eastern regions are growing

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8 Ways Attitude Can Overcome Aptitude

I have been a passionate motivational speaker and teacher for more than three decades. The following are some guidelines I developed and have often shared with individuals to aid their efforts at salesmanship,

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What Makes an A, B, C, or D Class Property or Area?

In this post I would like to talk about commercial properties — specifically, multifamily and how we define their different classes. By different classes, I am referring to what we call A, B, C or D.

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10 Rules to Successful Multifamily Syndication Investing

If you want to know what you need to start investing in successful multifamily syndications, I can help. My wealth of knowledge and success in real estate investing for more than 40 years can help with

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5 Keys To Investing In Emerging Multifamily Markets

I think it is critical to a multifamily investor to choose the “right” multifamily apartment complex to acquire. One of the most critical aspects of this is to find the right emerging markets. I am

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5 Keys To Becoming A Successful Multifamily Investor And Syndicator

In this blog post I want to share 5 key ways for becoming a multifamily investor and syndicator. It’s what I like to call “Learning to Spin 5 Plates at Once to Syndicate Effectively.” Over the last

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The Story Of A Multifamily Investment Winner

This story of a multifamily investment winner began with discussions about buying an apartment complex that had suffered extensive fire damage in one of the 16-unit buildings in a 156-unit apartment complex

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Please Allow Me to Share My Strategies and Philosophy

Welcome to Hello, everyone, and welcome to our new website: As we begin our blogs, I want to discuss with you my investing strategies, my philosophy and the story

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