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How to Make Smarter Risks in Real Estate Investing

Risks are a part of life. In fact, there will be situations where the only way forward is to take a leap of faith. These situations also take place in the world of business. Like it or not, you are always compelled to choose a door without knowing for sure what lies behind it. It’s a scary situation, especially for real estate investors who want to avoid making bad decisions. Property markets are in a constant state of flux. They can be “hot” one day, then turn “cold” the next. Oftentimes, political and social issues have made it even more difficult to predict future highs and lows. So, the challenge right now is for investors to go the right way in a market that’s filled with hidden dangers. You can still find a better path by simply taking risks intelligently. Use these methods to make safer decisions as a real estate investor.


Survey the landscape

Before you dive into the world of investing, it’s important to test out the waters first. Intensive research is needed before trying out something that’s unfamiliar. For instance, if you haven’t tried out multifamily investing before, it’s imperative that you learn everything there is to know about the process. Decide on the emerging market where the growth of jobs is predicted for the next 5-10years.

Investing in a multifamily syndication just because everybody’s turning in a profit from itis not a good way to approach the market. You need to consider all the details, absorb the most important facts, and analyze them carefully. Only then can you determine if multifamily investing is right for you.


Search for the best places for your money

In real estate investing, emerging markets is a concept that shouldguide you in decision-making.You would want to make sure you are investing in the right places, so you need to know which cities will offer the highest payoffs.

With that being said, cities that undergo massive developments coupled with rising populations offer the best opportunities. These growing markets are promising in that they show a huge potential for profit-making. If you are interested in a syndication for apartment complexes, it’s important to know if your local market is maintaining job growth,taking in investments from the public and private sectors, and securing the affordability of basic goods.

If the market satisfies these indicators, then you can start investing right with little to no risk. Otherwise, you may want to look elsewhere for better performing markets.


Network with the right people

Don’t assume you can do the risk assessment on your own. Most of the time, you need the help of experienced veterans to guide you towards easier and less risky pathways. Local RE Brokers, Property Management Companies, City Officials, Chamber of Commerce and local Bank officials can help a lot in sharing the pulse of the economy in different parts of the Metro markets.

In real estate investing, you can network with property brokers and experienced realtors that can provide you substantial advice on where to place your money. Another thing you can do is to hire consultants with experience in risk management and impact analysis. Either way, you need to build strong and valuable relationships with these people in order to become smarter in taking risks.


Be mindful of the situation

Is it a good time to invest in multifamily syndication?

You just can’t tell, but it pays to become aware of the current social and political climate. Shifts in government economic policies such as the increase and decrease of interest rates can impact property values across the board. Being knowledgeable of these policy changes provides a good way to determine the best courses of action. Aside from reading the trends in real estate investing, you should also read the news once in a while. Doing so can help you to better identify and assess risks.

Now that you know how to take smarter risks, you can now start exploring potential areas of investment. I took a few risks myself in the starting, but you will need to move forward, analyze the deals with stringent assumptions and decide for taking the action.

Don’t Just Build Relationships; Build REAL-lationships


Don’t Just Build Relationships; Build REAL-lationships


Relationships are crucial to the success of any business venture. Whether you want to crowdfund an idea for a startup or pool resources to form a multifamily syndication, you will need to focus more on creating valuable bonds with the people who are going to invest in your idea.

If you are thinking of broadening your investor network, pitching proposals just won’t work anymore. While it’s true that investors want to generate wealth quickly, they still need a more compelling reason to join your venture. Aside from profiting from your idea, they also want to know if your idea is worth their time and resources.

For this very reason, it’s important to build investor relationships that are valuable and not transient. You want your investors to be in it for the long haul. So, as you build your multifamily syndication from the ground up, remember to use these methods to creating partnerships that are REAL and relevant to your goals.


Reach out

Communication is always important in maintaining close ties with your investors. Considering the technologies we have today, it has become easier for us to meet each other’s needs and create lasting bonds. I have used FaceTime, Webex, Goto Meetings and Zoom to meet my investors across the globe. I prefer Zoom for many reasons. It’s almost like you are sitting across the desk and conversing. This way we can read each other’s sincerity and drive during the whole conversation. I am huge on showing the presence or the documents and also the graphs to illustrate the points that I am discussing.

Other than that, you can also use social media and campaigns to reach out to your investors and update them on the progress of your syndication-building activities. You can also fill them in on your future plans so you can further motivate them to stick with you.


Show passion

I always remind my students about the importance of passion. You need to have the right amount of enthusiasm to stay productive. Working in a group allows you to share your energy and achieve successes along the way.

Show your investors that you are fully absorbed in the idea. They will see that you are committed. You only need to show your brightest smile and be enthusiastic when you are having a conversation with them. Enthusiasm is contagious like they say. The excitement and the whole energy in communication are so important.


Influence and inform

If you are the sponsor of the syndication you are building, it helps to build your authority. They won’t make the effort of forging a relationship if you don’t know what you are doing. Trust, Integrity, being genuine, transparency and track record are so essential to answer the investor’s objections. We must communicate that you have the fiduciary responsibility to safeguard investors’ money more than yours.

Prior to setting up your multifamily syndication, make sure you have enough influence to show investors you are credible. To do this, you need to put yourself on the map by producing a constant stream of content through your blog. You can produce informative and relevant articles that show how much you know about real estate syndication.

I hope these tips can help you create investor REAL-lationships that are difficult to break!

How to Select the Right Securities Lawyer for a Syndication

A securities lawyer can help you a lot in processing the needed documents for a multifamily syndication. However, looking for the right attorney takes a lot more than just posting an ad through Facebook or asking a friend who knows someone with the right knowledge about real estate syndication.

First of all, investors will need to understand that a syndication is subject to securities laws. What are these laws and why are they important, you ask? Well, if you are planning to form a syndicate with multiple investors and purchase numerous apartments, this would mean you will be entitled to your own share of the profits from the properties you have acquired.

Because of the profit-sharing nature of this setup, you and your partners will need to abide by securities laws, which prevent the “shady” selling of stocks and other financial instruments. Each state has its own set of regulations; nonetheless, breaking these laws will put you at the receiving end of a complaint that’s difficult to dispute in court. Yikes!

While it’s true that gathering all the necessary paperwork for a syndication can be the most tedious and time-consuming process there is, investors and sponsors should still avoid risking their reputation for the sake of convenience.

This is the reason why securities lawyers are so important. They can help a syndication navigate the legal waters and prevent an avoidable disaster from happening. For this, it’s important to find a lawyer who already has a proven record in providing sound advice and preparing the documents you need to start rolling your syndication!

Here are some of the best tips to find the right legal expert.


Find a securities lawyer that’s committed to your needs

Lawyers have made it their mission to help their clients no matter what it takes.After all, they swore an oath to exercise due diligence when it comes to handling their clients’ needs. In other words, the best securities lawyers won’t fill out document templates, submit these forms, and leave your door with a big fat check in hand.They make sure you are also involved in the process so you know you are still in control.

Sadly, you can’t always trust your gut instincts when searching for possible candidates. Commitment is, after all, a difficult thing to gauge. Still, youcan find the right legal expert to work with a syndication by following these essential tips for interviewing a candidate:


Ask about the duration of their practice

The length of a syndication attorney’s practice speaks volumes about their experience in the field. In this sense, it’s important to look for a firm or a legal expert that could pass off as a seasoned veteran.


Review previous clients

The best way to vouch for a law firm’s ability to meet your needs is to check the experiences of the clients it worked for in the past. When you are out looking for a highly capable law firm, the opinions of previous clients is essential to making the right choice. Aside from that, publicity is also a good way to check on a firm’s reputation. If a newspaper article mentions the firm in a bad light, then you might want to continue searching.


Know the cases they previously handled

Are you sure the lawyer is capable of handling all the necessary paperwork? Syndication laws are a totally different area, so you need to find someone who has the right set of skills to interpret these laws. If he or she was able to handle similar cases in the past, you need to know.


Get referrals from people you know

If you struggle with finding the right securities lawyer, you can begin your search by getting referrals from people who are close to you. Proceed with caution, though, since it’s not every time your friends or family members can make the best recommendations, especially when the task involves a ton of legal work. The best you can do is to get advice from business associates and partners on which law services to hire in your area.


Examine the personality

If you already have someone in mind that has the experience and knowledge you need for your syndication, then you’re all set to closing a lucrative deal for an apartment complex.Before that, you still need to ask yourself one more important question: are you comfortable working with your securities lawyer?

Having been an investor for many years now, I have shown people the importance of keeping a positive outlook. I also believe that happiness drives our passions, which allow us to work even harder to make other people happy. So, if your securities lawyer doesn’t have the same amount of positive energy as you do, it can lead to strains in the relationship you share. It’s important to examine a lawyer’s personality from the start. If he or she is readily accessible and responsive to your requests, then you know you are working with a true professional.

Securities laws are not that difficult if you find the right legal services for your syndication. I hope the list I have made can help you make the right decisions.