4 Keys to Start Living in the Present

4 Keys to Start Living in the Present

Many people find it hard to move on from the past and start living in the present. As much as they want to reinvent their lives, they are unable to do so for some reason.

It’s still important to point out that the only way for success to come is when you decide to focus on the here and now. Life, after all, follows a linear trajectory. No matter how many ups and downs it experiences, it has to end up somewhere in the future.

Depending on the decisions you make and the actions you take right now, you will either end up savoring the sweet nectar of triumph or wallow in a pit of mediocrity.

You don’t have to be a detective to know which path to take. It’s obvious that every one of us wants to achieve success. One way to make that happen is to focus your energy and passion into making positive changes in the present.

If you still find it hard to take massive action in the here and now, let me share to you some tips that will get you started.


1. Don’t listen to your past failures

Perfectionism can be problematic. It holds us down and prevents us from moving on towards better opportunities. It also makes us feel that we will never be good enough and that we should stop trying on account of the mistakes we have made.

It’s a normal human reaction to feel sad whenever you make a mistake. In fact, mistakes happen for a specific reason, and that is to help us make positive changes in our lives.

You’re unable to undo the past, but you can always learn from it. You cannot correct what has already been done, but at least you have a reason to do the right thing this time and the next.


2. Never rest on your laurels

Success comes to those who actually reach for it. If you want to acquire a multifamily investment property, you simply reach for it no matter the struggle you will have to go through. Once you have found success, you can bask in your victory and realize that you have reached the pinnacle of your career as an investor or syndicator. Reward yourself often for the small victories and then get focused on achieving bigger ones. I have always tried to live that way. I love to reward myself and my family to celebrate the victories.

What now? Would you stay with your current victories? Or would you rather focus on winning another prize?

If there’s one thing that’s worse than mediocrity, it’s complacency. Resting on your laurels is like saying you’re only good at the level you are in right now. This mindset is not only self-limiting, but also defeatist because you are undermining your own capacity to grow.

Instead of nurturing this mindset, you should look beyond your current victories and see what other bounties are there for the taking. Success, after all, has to snowball.


3. Don’t focus too much on the future

It’s okay to set your goals for the future. After all, goals provide us with the motivation we need to work hard and persevere, but they can also distract us from doing what is necessary right now.

If we focus too much on our goals, we lose sight of what currently matters and this is one pit we shouldn’t fall into. This is because 87% of the goals we set for ourselves end up not coming true. The path towards the future is filled with uncertainty. The plans we’ve made will turn out to be ineffective.

With that being said, let the future worry about itself. Everything will fall into place eventually. It’s only a matter of focusing on what’s important right now and doing a good job at it.


4. Get a mentor

The present won’t build itself. It has to involve consistent action and a “never say die” attitude. It won’t be easy because there will always be challenges that will stop you dead in your tracks.

If you think you have met the end of the road, you can always get extra help from a veteran of life. By getting a mentor, you will have someone who can provide you with everything you need in order to find success in the present. I have had the good fortune to have some great mentors in my life who have shaped me to be the person I am today. I pay gratitude to them for shaping my life. Everyone needs a good strong mentor in life!

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