8 Proven Strategies To Raise Capital For Real Estate with Adam Adams

8 Proven Strategies To Raise Capital For Real Estate with Adam Adams

Welcome to Syndication Made Easy with Vinney Chopra! 

Today, Adam joins Vinney Chopra. Adam is the meetup group go-to guy branding expert. He explains how he started his meetup and how you can too. He teaches how to pull money and deals from a meetup group.

Do you want to learn how to raise money?

Adam walks us through his transition from single-family remote fix and flips to apartment buildings, offering advice to aspiring multifamily investors. Listen in for insight on the benefits of leading your own real estate meetup group and learn how Adam has leveraged meetups to raise $4.4M and become a community leader in the space.

Topics Discussed in Podcast:

  • Meetup Group
  • System and Mindset
  • Free and Paid Education
  • Prepaid Insurance
  • Utility Deposit

Adam explains how to post the right things at the right times. Grab a pen and paper because this a great podcast to learn syndication and multifamily


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