A Lesson in Group Dynamics: Nurture your Team

A Lesson in Group Dynamics: Nurture your Team

Clearly, we are not alone in our journey through life. Even if we try to deny it, there’s always someone there to lend a helping hand. That’s the beauty of group dynamics among humans. We are capable of forming valuable relationships more creatively than most species.


We spend time and resources looking for opportunities and building connections that enable us to realize our goals. I have learned a lot about opening up new windows of opportunities through multifamily investing. Moreover, I also learned the value of having a great team and leveraging its growth through group dynamics.


Group dynamics is about understanding the relationships that people share. Organizations and teams invest time and, to some extent, money to enhance the efficiency of their members. A great deal of resources is being placed on training and workshops that are supposed to upgrade skills and acquire new ones.


It’s not that these strategies won’t work towards bringing the best out of your team. I just think that these are simply not enough to nurture individual capabilities. Sure enough, you can’t acquire a lot of knowledge by listening to a resource speaker who talks about concepts like synergy and collaboration.


To me, nurturing your team doesn’t only happen at the professional level, but also at the personal level. So, apart from training your team through workshops and capacity-building seminars, you also need to realize their need to grow.


For that, let’s look at some basic strategies for nurturing your team and improving group dynamics:


  1. Be clear on the roles you assign

Each member of your team has a responsibility to assume. However, conflicts can easily arise out of these divisions. In terms of bringing out the best in each member, you will have to define their roles for them and let them realize their own importance to the team.


For this, be sure to draft out a mission and vision statement. This will definitely help individual members find the right way to go.


  1. Allow communication to flow freely

Successful organizations have one thing in common, and it is effective communication. When you allow your team members to communicate freely, you are providing them with an avenue where they can share constructive feedback with each other as well as track each other’s progress.

To improve communication in your organization, you can let your employees use tools like Skype and Zoom for sharing files and communicating with each other.


  1. Make them feel special

No doubt, each individual is important to the success of your business. That said, you should avoid favoritism by praising only a select few. So, you have got to focus on making everyone feel special by acknowledging the work being exerted, however small it may be.


In my case, I usually start my day by sending my team a “good morning” message. It may come in the form of a funny statement or an inspirational message. That way, they can feel energized and prepare themselves for action!


If you want more tips for improving the group dynamics of your team, I’ll be glad to provide you with the information you need.

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