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​Vinney Chopra

Hi Friends,

By now you must be aware of how lucrative real estate investments can be when you have the right knowledge and know how to apply that knowledge.

It can mean the difference between being a successful investor and just being an average investor.

But what does it take to get your hands on that right knowledge that can save you time and money and help you invest wisely and in the right direction?

I’m Vinney Chopra, CEO of Moneil Investment Group, Moneil Management Group and Moneil Multifamily Fund

I have been able to create a business that’s acquired over $300,000,000+ in transactions on over 3800 units throughout the United States.

I have a passion for sharing all of my wisdom and take pride in being able to personally mentor people so they can go on to have the same success.

So many people already know that real estate is responsible for creating a majority of the world’s wealth but what they may not know is…

“Where And When Do
I Get Started?”

But before I get ahead of myself and why it is essential to understand the concept of Other People’s Money (OPM).

I was not always this fortunate and understand all about the concept of humble beginnings.

When I arrived in the United States, I had $7 in my pocket.

I walked a long (and sometimes costly) road making mistakes along the way.

But despite all this, I came out more knowledgeable and better for it.

I have been able to master how to identify trends in the market that allowed me to locate emerging markets…

...Markets that you are able to invest in and start earning you money, for the rest of your life.


It needs to be done right.

This is why I have spent a lot of my time learning and perfecting my strategies around Multifamily Real Estate Investing.

You see, for many years, I was that someone who was a single family investor.

My single family investments were not giving me the cash flow I wanted to be able to retire.

I was not able to scale up or save money, which meant… saving for things like my children’s education and no family vacations.

It was then, that I was introduced to Multifamily Real Estate Investing and in just a few short years, I was able to create an investment portfolio of $300 Million in apartment buildings.

Maybe you’re asking how?

I was able to do all this by knowing how to leverage other people’s money.

You see, there is so much money around you if you just look for it.

What I specialize in, is being able to get investors involved passively or actively and this is the KEY.

It’s by using the techniques and strategies I learned over the years, that I have not only gone from 0 to 130 investors but how I am able to raise anything between $6-8 million in just a few days. 

The Multifamily/Commercial Syndication Academy

Multifamily investing academy that is dedicated to showing you how to get involved in the right deals and how to identify those deals.

In this Academy, You Will:

  • Have access to extensive No-Fluff Video lectures that define the multifamily systems structures, terms, blueprints and philosophies from the beginning to successfully closing the deals (A to Z);
  • Learn the secrets of creating long-term, sustainable wealth over the duration of your life;
  • Learn how to find the best deals in real estate, including the exact emerging markets are best for real estate investing RIGHT NOW;
  • Get access to my golden methods that bring results in buying off-market deals, networking, campaigns and relationships building technique;
  • Be introduced to my Comprehensive and Sophisticated Deal Underwriting Tool that triggers the purchase and helps put the investment packet together for investors so easily;
  • Not only learn my elevator pitches but get access to all my brochures, and customizable templates from LOI, Due Diligence Lists, Asset Take-Over Lists, and all kinds of forms to crush it in deal-making and closing. (no need to spend thousands designing these or waste months coming up with the right documents);
  • Be introduced to my proven systems that get investors involved and helps build the right relationships with them;
  • Get access to a Multifamily Management system training, and what it takes to run a smooth operation;
  • Get access to my best practices in Accounting and Legal Team structures;
  • Learn newly updated content focusing on digital marketing methods.

PLUS, you also get access to:

  • The OPM (Other People Money) Capital Raising Blueprint Course included in the Academy;
  • My Focus & Motivation" Lectures along with Live Coaching and Mentoring sessions;
  • A Huge Document Library...Numerous professionally designed templates, graphs, booklets, forms, templates, brochures forms, etc;
  • Recordings of lectures from my Mastermind Coaching sessions;
  • My Weekly FaceBook Live Show - "Let's Talk Multifamily Syndication Investing and Managing" every Friday morning at 10 am PACIFIC;
  • New content with updates from my discussions with my InnerCircle Mastermind students & new strategies that are helping my students and my businesses grow
  • Learning how to finance your real estate investments, even if you have zero money or experience;
  • Learning how to create 100% legal - tax deductions, so you benefit from some of the best tax breaks possible offered to real estate investors (second to being a small business owner, real estate investing is one of the best ways to take advantage of legal tax breaks);
  • Systems and types of creative financing including Seller Financing;
  • Learning how to spot real estate trends, so you can capitalize on new real estate opportunities before they're gone;
  • Where the best areas are in the country for you to start investing in apartments

I think it's important to mention at this point this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.


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