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Discipline Is Your Key To Success
In order to achieve success in life, you need something that keeps you on your goals, dreams, and plans. Successful[...]
3 Steps To Starting A Successful Business
Starting up a business can be challenging and may even take a lifetime to get going. Talk to anyone in[...]
How To Understand Others
How do you really get to know how a person works? Understanding others can be beneficial to your life and[...]
The Art Of Understanding Others
Lending your ear to others can simply be shown as you showing your more emphatic side. However, there is an[...]
Keeping a Calm Mind
Working daily can be tough on the mind and can break down a person bit by bit with each day.[...]
Being Enthusiastic In Life
To be successful in life, being enthusiastic can help you accomplish so much. Having an enthusiastic attitude towards any situation[...]
Effectiveness Of Brand Stories For Multifamily
Stories are shared everywhere. They are the most effective means of sharing details of almost anything ranging from product benefits[...]
Personalized Marketing Strategies For Multifamily
Marketing has been around to promote brands, products, and even other properties other than multifamily for years. It is one[...]
Trends That Affect Multifamily Development
There are a few definitive trends that affect the development of multifamily properties. In this new day and age, trends[...]
Preventing Sickness In a Multifamily
It’s no surprise that health and security are going hand in hand in schools, offices, and homes like apartments due[...]
Keeping Coronavirus Panic Out Of Your Multifamily
Health and wellness are always a primary factor to maintain during this coronavirus pandemic among your multifamily tenants. However, you[...]
Improving Multifamily Online Reputation
Having a good reputation for your multifamily can be difficult to attain at first, especially online. Multifamily property communities take[...]
Multifamily Innovation: What Hinders It?
Multifamily properties that embrace innovation see improvement and progress to their apartments and the amount of tenants that they draw[...]
Why Storage Units In Your Multifamily Can Benefit Your Property
Can your multifamily really benefit from having an additional storage area? In practical applications, yes it can! Renting a storage[...]
Improving Morale In Your Multifamily
Morale is important to maintain, especially during a crisis. The crisis of COVID-19 can have the residents In your multifamily[...]
Finding Hobbies On Your Lonesome
Finding a new hobby means finding an enjoyable activity that can help you pass the time or at least help[...]
Productivity In Isolation
In tough times like these, it’s hard to keep yourself active and productive within the walls of your home. Understandably,[...]
Multifamily Investment Can Still Thrive In 2020
The current threat of COVID-19 has probably already thrown a wrench into the plans of multifamily owners, brokers, and investors[...]
The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Senior Living
Last year, Marcus and Millichamp also noted increasing investment activity in what could have been a "recession-resilient asset class". By[...]
Mistakes Passive Investors Should Avoid in Real Estate Syndication
Passive investors who want greater cash flow can choose to take part in a real estate syndication. The beauty of[...]
Overcoming Being Overwhelmed
Life might have you feeling like you’re taking on more than what you bargained for. When you’re feeling swamped, you[...]
Making The Most Out Of Your Day
A day can be a tricky thing to really plan out, and it can be even more difficult making the[...]
Setting Goals For Yourself In Life
What is it that you want out of life?  Setting goals is to set the steps you want to take[...]
Getting Over Hopelessness
When we lose hope, we often lose our inspiration, motivation, and the passion that we need in our lives in[...]
Focus For The Unfocused
It isn’t easy staying focused on the job. Many distractions can keep us from staying on track with what we[...]
Being Kinder In An Unkind Era
In an era where we find ourselves being more unkind to our fellow man, kindness is our light in such[...]
How To Regain Work Motivation
Oftentimes, we lose that spark and will that we had and needed in order to complete our daily tasks at[...]
How to Evaluate a Great Syndication Deal to Invest In
Whether you are joining a real estate syndication or forming one yourself, it's important that you analyze deals as they[...]
Investing in Senior Housing? Here are 3 Keys You Should Know
Prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, market speculators in the real estate investing sector saw 2020 as a[...]
Multifamily Tips For City Lockdown
Multifamily Tips For City LockdownIs the area of your multifamily property compromised due to an inevitable lockdown of the city?[...]
Multifamily Maintenance Checks
In times of crisis, a property manager should make sure that their multifamily is still in proper working order so[...]
Dealing With Your Work Mistakes
It always seems like the worst feeling in the world when we make a mistake, especially if it’s one that[...]
Things to Look for Before Investing in Multifamily Syndication
Despite an economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the multifamily sector remains stable. Apartment complexes and other types of[...]
Directing Your Multifamily Management Team
Do you have a level-headed property management team running the show in your multifamily? You and your tenants will be[...]
Facing the Silver Tsunami: The Different Types of Senior Living and Their Demands
___TVE_SHORTCODE_RAW__<p>Real estate market experts are seeing a deluge of demand in the senior living sector. Indeed, all signs point towards[...]
Don’t Just Build Relationships; Build REAL-lationships
Relationships are crucial to the success of any business venture. Whether you want to crowdfund an idea for a startup[...]
3 Easy Ways to Build a Good Reputation in Property Investing
If you are starting out as a real estate investor, it is crucial to building your reputation first. Before you[...]
How to Perform Effectively as a Syndicator?
I have written about the advantages of investing in multifamily properties. As we all know, apartment complexes can be costly,[...]
The Secret to Getting the Best Multifamily Deals
If you have just started out as a syndicator, you will have to get the best multifamily deals on your[...]
Exploring the Factors of Forced Appreciation
As you may already know, forced appreciation is just one of many useful approaches in multifamily property investing. In this[...]
Why Clout is Important in Multifamily Investing
Clout, which is another fancy term for “influence,” is crucial to your success as a multifamily syndicator. It’s only a[...]
Create Engaging Presentations for Investors Using These Tips
Unique and attractive presentations are important if you want to support your pitch and get investors on board. Often, you[...]
Building an Investor Network You Can Rely On Starts with a Search
If you are a multifamily syndicator, it is vital to creating a network of investors you can work with. The[...]
Effective Maintenance for Multifamily Assets
There’s always a perfect time to do maintenance on your multifamily property. But there’s always a chance you could leave[...]
A Lesson in Group Dynamics: Nurture your Team
Clearly, we are not alone in our journey through life. Even if we try to deny it, there’s always someone[...]
How to Analyze a Golden Opportunity When You See One
In life, we always want that golden opportunity, which is something that’s supposed to give us our big break, so[...]
How to Reach Success – Slowly But Surely
People nowadays think that success comes in an instant. You just snap a finger and everything you ever want magically[...]
The Five Skills You Need in Life
The road to success is filled with challenges. I know because I am no stranger to problems. And yet, here[...]
Key Action Steps for Approaching Shyness
Shyness can prevent us from reaching success. In fact, many people want to become more confident in life. Each one[...]
End the Day with Self-Evaluation: Important Points to Remember
How do you end a typical day? Do you just kick back, relax, and watch the evening news? Or do[...]
5 Keys to Developing the Mind of a Millionaire
Are you ready to become a millionaire? If you say “yes,” then you’re not ready yet. I’m telling you this[...]
How to Enhance your Focus by a Hundred Percent
When you have plenty of goals you want to achieve, you will need to improve your focus by a hundred[...]
How to Accept Hard Changes in Life and in Real Estate Investing
Life is never constant. As we pursue the goals, we have set for ourselves, we will have to undergo hard[...]
How to Stay Enthusiastic All the Time
In multifamily investing, it helps to stay active, enthusiastic and happy all the time! Why?   Well, it’s because positivity[...]
4 Keys to Start Living in the Present
Many people find it hard to move on from the past and start living in the present. As much as[...]
What’s Special About Gratitude?
Do you know how lucky you are right now? The sun shines so brightly down on you and gives its[...]
5 Amazing Wonders of Positive Thinking and How It Kills Negativity
The mind is a powerful tool. The fact that it processes millions of thoughts everyday is just one of its[...]
Let’s Do Morning Walks to Kick-start Our Day
Do you always wake up in the morning and spending the first hours lying down on your bed? Have you[...]
How to Deal with the Silent Beast – Depression at the Workplace
Depression is what they called the silent killer. This issue has since become just as alarming as HIV and Cancer.[...]
21 Super Ideas to Live a Happy & Balanced Life
What does it mean to live a happy, satisfying and balanced life? It means living a life in balance, healthy,[...]
How to Accomplish More in So Little Time
Real estate investors are always looking for ways to increase productivity. They want to accomplish a lot of goals within[...]
Productivity Tips for the Everyday Real Estate Professional
Real estate professionals have a lot to deal with on a daily basis. They need to make sure that everything[...]
To Achieve Your Goals Faster, Increase your Productivity
As multifamily investors, it’s important to maintain a healthy momentum. Handling transactions and managing your properties are important in keeping[...]
Apart from Cash Flow, What Else is Good About Multifamily Investing?
If you have been a real estate investor for a long time, you already know well enough that a healthy[...]
A Guide to Building a Financing Team for a Multifamily Investment
When investing in a prime multifamily real estate, it’s important to form a financing team to help you through the[...]
How One Happy Investor Can Lead to 30 More
A happy investor can bring in a lot of benefits to a multifamily syndication. You will need to put your[...]
How to Prioritize Transparency in Multifamily Investing
If you are setting up a multifamily syndication, it’s important to foster transparency. Your investors need to know whether or[...]
Grow Your Investor Base by Growing your Circles of Influence
If you’re starting out in the multifamily investing game, you should be able to increase your investor base. For many[...]
The Best Value-Adding Components for Multifamily Investments
You may want to consider value-adding components to make the most out of your property investment. But what exactly are[...]
Tips to Searching for the Right People for your Investing Team
An investing team is basically a group of people you can depend on when you’re set on acquiring commercial properties.[...]
How to Overcome the First Deal Syndrome
  The First Deal Syndrome is a topic I often talk about with my students. What is it exactly? How[...]
Steps to Financing your First Deal
  Steps to Financing your First Deal Many real estate investors will tell you that the most difficult challenge is[...]
How to Avoid a Bad Deal When Investing in Multifamily Properties
As a real estate investor, you need to make sure that you get the most out of your money. This[...]
Create Engaging Presentations for Investors Using These Tips
Unique and attractive presentations are important if you want to support your pitch and get investors on board. Often, you[...]
Building an Investor Network You Can Rely On Starts With a Search
If you are a multifamily syndicator, it is vital to creating a network of investors you can work with. The[...]
How to Calm your Mind When the Going Gets Tough
  How to Calm your Mind When the Going Gets Tough When you are working in a high stakes industry[...]
4 Tips to Building Your Investing Philosophy
  4 Tips to Building Your Investing Philosophy An investing philosophy forms an essential part of your business. It serves[...]
Property Management Approaches for Multifamily Investors
Acquiring your first multifamily assets doesn’t end with a done deal. Come to think of it, you are just getting[...]
A Guide to Due Diligence for Multifamily Properties
Investors - or just about anyone who’s interested in real estate for that matter - will often come across the[...]
How to Create an Effective Exit Strategy for Multifamily Investments
  When a multifamily asset underperforms, how should investors react? Clearly, creating an effective exit strategy is important prior to[...]
A Multifamily Investor’s Guide to Net Operating Income
Whenever investors come across the term net operating income or NOI, several assumptions come to mind as to how this[...]
The Habits of a Rockstar Real Estate Investor
  The Habits of a Rockstar Real Estate Investor As a rockstar real estate investor, you know that it’s important[...]
Investing Small: Is It Really Worth It?
  Investing Small: Is It Really Worth It? For many investors who have yet to dive into multifamily syndication, investing[...]
5 Keys To Investing In Emerging Multifamily Markets
  I think it is critical to a multifamily investor to choose the “right” multifamily apartment complex to acquire. One[...]
How to Make Smarter Risks in Real Estate Investing
Risks are a part of life. In fact, there will be situations where the only way forward is to take[...]
Don’t Just Build Relationships; Build REAL-lationships
  Don’t Just Build Relationships; Build REAL-lationships   Relationships are crucial to the success of any business venture. Whether you[...]
How to Select the Right Securities Lawyer for a Syndication
A securities lawyer can help you a lot in processing the needed documents for a multifamily syndication. However, looking for[...]
Keys to Understanding Emerging Markets
  When my team and I consider where to make our multifamily investments, we look for emerging markets. I talk[...]
Education Outside the Classroom is Vital to Winning in Business
  Education Outside the Classroom is Vital to Winning in Business I always believe that education is an important driver[...]
3 Easy Ways to Build a Good Reputation in Property Investing
  3 Easy Ways to Build a Good Reputation in Property Investing If you are starting out as a real[...]
How to Foster Trust with Investors in Syndication
How to Foster Trust with Investors in Syndication In any real estate deal, trust should always be the most important[...]
Ways to Build Your Investor Base
  Ways to Build Your Investor Base A question I often hear from my students and others who are just[...]
How To Build Wealth Through Apartment Investing
  Apartment investing is an excellent way to build wealth because of the strong cash flow that is provided by[...]
7 Tips for Public Speaking and Conquering Your Fear
  7 Tips for Public Speaking and Conquering Your Fear   If you want to succeed as a multifamily investment[...]
2018 Predicted as Strong Year for Multifamily (But We Already Knew That!)
  As active multifamily investors constantly monitoring the best times for both entry and exit, we are buoyed by a[...]
70% Of Tenants Think Renting Is More Affordable Than Buying
  70% Of Tenants Think Renting Is More Affordable Than Buying   A large number of renters view renting as[...]
4 Keys to Getting Your First Loan
  I want to talk to you about how to finance your first deal. It can be quite difficult to[...]
7 Keys To Renovation Of Apartment Buildings
  Investing in multifamily real estate can be very rewarding, but what happens if you see a building you think[...]
8 Ways Attitude Can Overcome Aptitude
  I have been a passionate motivational speaker and teacher for more than three decades. The following are some guidelines[...]
10 Rules to Successful Multifamily Syndication Investing
  If you want to know what you need to start investing in successful multifamily syndications, I can help. My wealth[...]
5 Keys To Becoming A Successful Multifamily Investor And Syndicator
  In this blog post I want to share 5 key ways for becoming a multifamily investor and syndicator. It’s[...]


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