Being Kinder In An Unkind Era

Being Kinder In An Unkind Era

Being Kinder In An Unkind Era

In an era where we find ourselves being more unkind to our fellow man, kindness is our light in such a dark time.

It’s easy to forget what a simple act of kindness does in times like these, mainly because many people have forgotten what it means to truly be kind to others and how it can benefit their lives as a whole.

Here are a few ways you can be kinder to others in an unkind time:

Mind how you treat others

Many people forget about kindness when they forget about empathy and consideration for others. Kindness and empathy go hand in hand in helping you be more mindful in the way you treat others. It’s easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget that others are living with their own successes and struggles.

A little thought and consideration with other people can go a long way in being kinder to them.

Reach out to people when others might not

Sometimes being the helping hand where others may not so much as acknowledge the need for help is what makes for a kind gesture.

Kindness isn’t a race, but in some cases such as this try to be the first one to lend a hand if it’s possible. Especially if you feel like no one else may seem to want to help out. Kindness is a gesture that reaches far and reaches first. You should aim to help others out when no one else will.

Pay kindness you receive forward

Has someone done you a kindness as of late? Pay that kindness forward in some way. Receiving kindness is a blessing, but giving it out makes you feel more fulfilled and happier when you make someone’s day.

Always consider being kind to others above all else, it’s always easier to play it cruel rather than extend kindness to others but the right path isn’t often the easiest one.

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