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A Lesson in Group Dynamics: Nurture your Team

Clearly, we are not alone in our journey through life. Even if we try to deny it, there’s always someone there to lend a helping hand. That’s the beauty of group dynamics among humans. We are capable of forming valuable relationships more creatively than most species.


We spend time and resources looking for opportunities and building connections that enable us to realize our goals. I have learned a lot about opening up new windows of opportunities through multifamily investing. Moreover, I also learned the value of having a great team and leveraging its growth through group dynamics.


Group dynamics is about understanding the relationships that people share. Organizations and teams invest time and, to some extent, money to enhance the efficiency of their members. A great deal of resources is being placed on training and workshops that are supposed to upgrade skills and acquire new ones.


It’s not that these strategies won’t work towards bringing the best out of your team. I just think that these are simply not enough to nurture individual capabilities. Sure enough, you can’t acquire a lot of knowledge by listening to a resource speaker who talks about concepts like synergy and collaboration.


To me, nurturing your team doesn’t only happen at the professional level, but also at the personal level. So, apart from training your team through workshops and capacity-building seminars, you also need to realize their need to grow.


For that, let’s look at some basic strategies for nurturing your team and improving group dynamics:


  1. Be clear on the roles you assign

Each member of your team has a responsibility to assume. However, conflicts can easily arise out of these divisions. In terms of bringing out the best in each member, you will have to define their roles for them and let them realize their own importance to the team.


For this, be sure to draft out a mission and vision statement. This will definitely help individual members find the right way to go.


  1. Allow communication to flow freely

Successful organizations have one thing in common, and it is effective communication. When you allow your team members to communicate freely, you are providing them with an avenue where they can share constructive feedback with each other as well as track each other’s progress.

To improve communication in your organization, you can let your employees use tools like Skype and Zoom for sharing files and communicating with each other.


  1. Make them feel special

No doubt, each individual is important to the success of your business. That said, you should avoid favoritism by praising only a select few. So, you have got to focus on making everyone feel special by acknowledging the work being exerted, however small it may be.


In my case, I usually start my day by sending my team a “good morning” message. It may come in the form of a funny statement or an inspirational message. That way, they can feel energized and prepare themselves for action!


If you want more tips for improving the group dynamics of your team, I’ll be glad to provide you with the information you need.

How to Analyze a Golden Opportunity When You See One

In life, we always want that golden opportunity, which is something that’s supposed to give us our big break, so to speak. My big break came in the form of a multifamily investment property. So, it’s safe to say that I have already gotten my golden opportunity.

At first, I wasn’t expecting to go big in the multifamily sector. Then again, I had my eyes set on building a strong foundation for a long-term investment. So, when I took this opportunity, I worked really hard to put everything together.

When you find an opportunity, our impulse is always to get it while it’s still there. After all, opportunities come and go. So, you have to take action. However, opportunities don’t exactly achieve your goals for you. In fact, it has to involve a great deal of effort and analysis.

To me, analyzing an opportunity is just as important as working hard. You have got to make sure that it will lead to bigger things. You won’t know unless you take the time to study the factors and determine if it’s the golden opportunity you have been seeking. Otherwise, you may want to continue looking for better opportunities elsewhere.

Let me share to you the process I use when analyzing an opportunity.

Consider your goals

What is it exactly do you want to achieve? By asking yourself about your goals, you can determine if the opportunity itself is valuable to these goals. For example, if your goal is to generate greater passive income, then you can choose investment opportunities that offer exactly what you want. Once you have set up your goals, it’s only a matter of finding opportunities that fit them.

Look at your resources

Resources are always an important factor in real estate investing. In order to start building your business model, you need to have the right resources at hand; otherwise, you will end up paying more than earning. If there’s an opportunity that’s ready for the taking, don’t act right away. Instead, examine your resources and thoroughly look at how you are able to use them in leveraging the opportunity. Many opportunities are wasted due to mismanaged resources. Still, by taking your time with your resources, you’ll know if you have encountered a golden opportunity when it’s favorable to whatever you have at the moment.

Read between the lines

You know if an opportunity is too good to be true when it actually is! People like to get rich quick, and they do so by taking their chances in investments and other ideas that promise a lot. It’s not bad to dream, but at most times, you need to have your feet planted in the real world. There are shady deals out there that can victimize unsuspecting people. So, when someone comes up to you asking you to invest, it’s always best to be extra cautious of their motives. Read the fine print and don’t take words at their face value. Instead, spend the time to examine an opportunity and get advice from an experienced professional. That way, you’ll be able to avoid a bad deal.

A golden opportunity is possible once you know how to recognize one. Use these tips and you’ll be able to achieve greater things in life.

How to Reach Success – Slowly But Surely

People nowadays think that success comes in an instant. You just snap a finger and everything you ever want magically appears on a golden platter. I wish it were that easy, but if it was, then we wouldn’t know the value of taking each step slowly but surely.

Everyone dreams of success, but life isn’t always making it easy for many of us. There are things you just can’t control. For me, you either give up or give it your all. The journey towards success isn’t made just so you can reach for it. It’s more of a process that tests whether you’re worthy or deserving of the rewards at the end.

In life, you need to struggle in order to get everything you want. There are no shortcuts and yet, people would risk going the easier path just because it offers the most convenience. People will try multifamily investing for all the wrong reasons, thinking that an apartment complex can give them their first million. In fact, it’s not the act of possessing an apartment complex that brings success, but it’s the process of purchasing one.

When I got started in the multifamily arena, it took me months to form a syndication. One thing’s for sure, it wasn’t an easy process. I worked hard on the underwriting, networked with a lot of brokers, and consulted syndication lawyers before I was able to close a deal on my very first property.

This has taught me a valuable lesson: You don’t have to rush things to make everything work out for the best. Take the journey one step at a time. Consistent and persistent action is the key. Let me show you how you can go about it.

1. Prepare a mission statement

Your mission statement should describe your goals. Other than giving you a reason to work hard, your mission statement should also describe how you are going to go about completing your goals. So, don’t just focus on the reward at the end of the journey. You also need to focus on how you are going to improve yourself so you may end up with more than just the reward itself.

2. Determine what you’re going to do each day

Every day provides an opportunity for making a difference. It’s only a matter of using the time you have to do productive things that are valuable to your goals. List down everything you need to do each day and make sure to complete them whatever the cost. Do this the next day, and you will definitely move closer to your goals slowly but surely.

3. Develop a system

The process of achieving success can take a long-time, but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to make the journey a bit easier. It helps to build your own system of doing things. If you juggle too many tasks, well-developed habits and routines can help you organize your time and resources for doing quality work. For me, I usually use compartmentalization. I would focus all my energies on one activity before I proceed to the next. This system allows me to optimize my time and reach my daily targets without compromising on quality.

4. Learn from the masters – and be a master yourself

If there’s one thing you need to get through life, it’s mentorship. You just can’t survive without having someone as your benchmark or standard. I have always emphasized the need for getting a coach because I need to have someone who can teach me the right way of doing things and correcting my mistakes. Now that I have grown out of that phase, I figured I would pay it forward by setting up a multifamily syndication academy. It’s possible to become an expert in your field, as long as you undergo tutelage under an expert who you can call your role model.

Keep these tips in mind and apply them in your life. It may seem like you’re taking forever, but before you know it, you will have already reached your goals.

The Five Skills You Need in Life

The road to success is filled with challenges. I know because I am no stranger to problems. And yet, here I am, writing to you about the skills you will need to learn for getting ahead in life. I have gone a long way, and I am proud and happy of all the things I have achieved. So, I am taking this chance to tell you that you can overcome these challenges when you’re equipped with the right skills.

It’s always important to be prepared for anything. Even though we can’t exactly predict what’s going to happen this week and the next, we can always survive if we have the right skills we need in life.

Whether you’re investing in real estate or building greater wealth, these skills are essential to making it big.

1. Forming valuable relationships

In life, we’re not alone in drafting our own stories. Today, it is easier for everybody to get connected using social media and other modern tools for instantaneous communication. Though these tools make it easier to connect with other people, they won’t help us add value to the relationships we foster. It takes more than just saying “Hi” or inviting someone over for a cup of coffee in order to create relationships that will last for the long-term.

2. Making the right decisions

Life is the sum of all the decisions you have made. If you want to attain success, you will have to make the right decisions. There will be complex problems that you will need to face in order to move forward. Still, in order to settle these problems, you will need to make the right choice. Analysis is important in this respect, so take the time to weigh your options and decide on the right action to take.

3. Researching new information

Every year, there are new developments you will need to consider. Flexibility is the key here since adapting to new technologies and trends is essential to your continued success in life. With that being said, open yourself up to new information and unlock insights on the things that matter. Don’t just read the news. Talk about it with friends and see if you can get information that you were unable to encounter before.

4. Negotiating for better deals

Negotiation is in the blood of every real estate investor, and it may as well be for everyone else. With that said, it’s important to practice your negotiation skills so you can acquire better deals later on. One thing’s for sure, you can’t always get what you want at a snap of a finger. You will have to fight for it at the negotiating table. Being assertive, in this sense, can help you attain the things you want in life.

5. Managing a dynamic team of people

Leadership is an essential element in life. Aside from improving yourself, you need to improve the lives of others as well. You can do this by simply improving the way you deal with people and the way you lead them towards meeting personal and collective goals.

With these five skills, what’s stopping you from reaching your dreams? Stay committed to your goals and never let your failures bring you down.

Key Action Steps for Approaching Shyness

Shyness can prevent us from reaching success. In fact, many people want to become more confident in life. Each one of us wants to have an action-oriented mindset, but it won’t be easy when shyness is an inherent human trait.

If you have been a shy person all your life, you will find it difficult to make significant changes. Shyness can hold you down, and you just can’t get rid of it because it’s a part of who you are.

Although shyness is a normal part of the human condition, it can still prevent you from realizing your goals if you let it take control of your life’s every aspect. There are many reasons why you should stop being shy. For one, you need to unlock opportunities in the future and make a positive impact on yourself and others.

To make the right changes in life, you will need to eliminate the shy bug in you. All it takes is constant practice and an attitude that’s focused on success.

Here are the key action steps that will help you push your shyness out of the way as you venture towards your goals.

1. Be among people

If you’re naturally shy, it’s because you haven’t experienced being among a crowd of people before. Extreme shyness can be a result of a lack of exposure. That being said, you will need to practice opening yourself up to others.

To do this, it’s best to be around people you know. Loosen yourself up! Don’t focus on how the interactions are making you feel. Instead, focus on the conversation. Take it one step at a time until you’re confident enough to stand before a group.

2. Focus on your strengths

If you’re too conscious of yourself, it’s only because you feel inferior. We tend to magnify our weakness when we are around people, the reason being that we don’t like the attention. Still, this kind of attitude prevents us from showing our true value.

Aside from our weaknesses, our strengths are a significant part of our being. What are you good at? What achievements have you done in the past years? What do you think is the area you consider your specialty?

You will discover that you are stronger in various aspects. So, focus on these instead! Never entertain your weaknesses. Learn to appreciate your strengths because they can give you the confidence you need to overcome anything!

3. Eliminate fear

Shyness is a product of fear. But what are you really afraid of? Public speaking? Talking to people? Or people in general?

Whatever makes you afraid is also preventing you from taking massive action in life. Just like your weaknesses, your fears should be set aside because these won’t help you with harvesting success. As long as it doesn’t kill you, it shouldn’t make you feel afraid.

4. Stay committed to your goals

Having goals provides you with a reason to work hard. It also motivates you to become better at your craft, enabling you to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge that can help you in your journey.

When you have goals, nothing – not even shyness – can stop you from reaching them. So, stay committed to your life’s mission. Remind yourself that you have goals to accomplish. As long as you remember the very reasons why you work hard, you will eventually find a way around the barriers.

5. Show confidence

It’s easy to tell yourself “I have to be confident,” but it’s actually practicing confidence that provides the hardest challenge. You don’t simply become confident at a snap of a finger. You become a confident person only by acting like one.

When we show others that we are confident about ourselves, we are giving them a reason to approach us. We become influential in their eyes, and this would increase our confidence even further.

When you’re out there influencing people, show your brightest smile and stay friendly all throughout. You also need to be a very good listener and provide helpful feedback. Eventually, people will do the same and you will be able to explore even more opportunities later on.

You can’t stop yourself from feeling shy. But when it comes to your goals, you will have to lock your shyness away within the deepest corners of your mind.

Apply these action steps today and show the world that you’re ready for anything!

End the Day with Self-Evaluation: Important Points to Remember

How do you end a typical day? Do you just kick back, relax, and watch the evening news? Or do you use your downtime for self-evaluation?


Different people have different ways of ending their day. For many, they just want to relax and forget about the problems that they have. After all, we all need a well-deserved rest for the hard work we put in. Then again, another set of challenges will be waiting to greet us the next day.


I’m not saying that you should worry about what will happen tomorrow. All I’m saying is that you should always strive to end the day with an appreciation for the past and a hope for the future. You can do so through self-evaluation.


When you undergo self-evaluation, you’re actually working towards becoming better at your craft. Whether you’re involved in business or athletics, self-evaluation is crucial to your future success because it can impact your life in significant ways.


Let’s look at how self-evaluation can be valuable to your life:


  1. Learning from your mistakes

Anyone can make a mistake. After all, nobody is perfect. Still, if you have goals to achieve, a single error can push you two steps back – or forward. It all depends on how you analyze the mistakes you have made.


  1. Coming up with a system

By reflecting on the things you have done for the day, you will realize that you could have done them faster and more efficiently. You will find that you could have maximized your time by setting up a process which you can use the next day.


  1. Changing your viewpoint

Sometimes, we can’t help but insist on using our own point of view. The problem with this is that it prevents us from exploring an idea or problem more broadly. By evaluating your point of view, you will begin to see the smaller details you have missed. This should give you an opportunity to change the way you look at things.


  1. Discovering your strengths and weaknesses

Evaluating ourselves offers us a deeper look into what makes us efficient. At the same time, it also allows us to make changes and improvements. It also allows us to determine the kind of habits worth keeping that can lead us to greater successes.


  1. Planning for the future

Our performance today will define how we will work in the future. One thing’s for sure, analyzing our successes (and even our failures) helps come up with a blueprint for a bigger project later on.


When done properly, self-evaluation can bring out the best in you. It’s only a matter of using the right tips:


  1. List down the things you achieved

Make sure to list down the goals you have accomplished and determine how you were able to finish them. You also need to answer a few questions. What were the challenges? How did you go about resolving them? You need to know because these experiences will come in handy later on.


  1. List down the things you should have achieved

Aside from your achievements, you also need to point out your backlogs or, to put it simply, the targets that you were unable to meet. Listing them down along with your completed goals can help you remember the things you still need to do.


  1. Know the reasons why you weren’t able to achieve them

What prevented you from reaching these goals? It’s important to determine these factors as these will help you create better plans in case you encounter similar problems later on.


  1. Use the day’s experiences as a reference point

Sure, you can always forget the past, but what you don’t want to forget are the lessons that they gave. Using the day’s experiences can help you steer clear of problems, especially those that you have just encountered during the day.


  1. Move forward

Self-evaluation is a great way for you to approach the future with renewed hope. By gauging your performance, you will be able to motivate yourself into making improvements. These will allow you to build a better version of yourself.


I hope you can use these tips to discover more about yourself and what you can do to achieve success. It will be smooth sailing from then on.

5 Keys to Developing the Mind of a Millionaire

Are you ready to become a millionaire?

If you say “yes,” then you’re not ready yet. I’m telling you this because many people assume it’s easier nowadays to make a million than it was a decade ago. Technology has made everything convenient, allowing people to accomplish many things within a short timeframe. What they don’t realize, however, is that the road to becoming a millionaire is not something the newest apps can build. It’s actually how you develop the mind of a millionaire that really gets things going.

After all, the latest technologies only help in making the work easier. They don’t do the work for us. Majority of the effort should come from you.

It all starts with how you develop your mind and set your sights on attaining your first million. Follow these five keys and start charting your way towards greater wealth.

  1. Stop wasting time as though it’s free

If you lose money, you will have to work really hard in order to compensate for the loss. Then again, the same can’t be said of time. Each second that passes is another second we can never get back. You can never recover time. This very fact just adds to the complexity of life, but it also helps us realize that time should be spent for the purpose of accomplishing goals. So, manage your time carefully and make sure it is spent with your goals in mind.

  1. Educate yourself through experience

There are a lot of things that a classroom just can’t teach us. One thing’s for sure, it’s our interactions that allow us to learn more about life and all its mysteries. Experience is always the best teacher. You can read books or listen to podcasts, but it’s best to open yourself up to new environments and situations. Your education in life depends on it.

  1. Be a confident speaker

Communication is key when you’re out to form valuable relationships with other people. Building linkages is important because becoming a millionaire means that you need the help of others. You simply can’t make money on your own, so it’s best to talk to people who have the same desires for greater wealth. I realized how powerful communication is after I closed my first multifamily syndication deal. It does pay to have confidence when talking to people, so show your enthusiasm! Let people know that you’re on a mission to get your first million. You can show this by using positive language and sharing stories that everyone can get value from.

  1. Show gratitude and respect

Successful millionaires know better than to stomp on others just to get what they want. Instead, the millionaires whom I admire show love for humanity. It’s inspiring to see these wealthy people spend time and effort in improving the lives of others. Showing kindness is the mark of being successful because it allows you to reflect back to simpler times. Can you remember a time when you only had a small amount of money in your pocket? I came to the United States with just $7. I was fortunate that I was able to meet people who showed me kindness and provided me with advice. Now, I’m paying back all these positive experiences through the Youth Academy I have established. My aim is to influence the youth so they can influence others as well. Respecting your fellow human beings and giving back all the blessings you have enjoyed will make you a true millionaire in life.

  1. Spend time with your family

Through thick and thin, your family will always be there for you to help you out. They are your source of strength, and when things get really difficult for you, you know exactly where to run. Even with your busy schedule, never miss out on important family get-togethers. Have dinner or go on a trip from time to time. The road to your first million will be a rough journey, so it’s important that you have someone behind you who can motivate you into working hard.

Becoming a millionaire is possible in this day and age. You will only need to have a rich heart and soul that can help you make the most out of your time and energy.

How to Enhance your Focus by a Hundred Percent

When you have plenty of goals you want to achieve, you will need to improve your focus by a hundred percent to get the best results. After all, the human mind can only do so much when it’s tasked to handle many different problems or issues all at once. To be truly successful, you need to put your mind on the right path and prevent it from steering off of this path.

In terms of focus, you need to realize your own limitations. You are not a robot. You can feel tired, hungry, and even angry if things don’t go your way. We can’t stop ourselves from feeling unproductive. However, we can always change how we focus on an issue or problem.

It’s only a matter of enhancing your focus by a hundred percent to unlock more opportunities along the way. Here are a few approaches you may want to consider:

1. Focus on one problem at a time

Compartmentalization has always worked for me since I concentrate on both quantity and quality at work. When you compartmentalize, you focus only on one task and do whatever it takes to finish it. Once you’re done, you can move on the next and apply the same amount of concentration.

This strategy works well if you have a long list of tasks you would want to finish within a tight schedule. It allows you to spend time and energy more efficiently. Although, working hard on one task after another can drain you out, at least you get to feel satisfied with the amount of work you have accomplished for the day.

2. List your priorities

Procrastination has always been a productivity killer. Nothing slows you down more quite like saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

In my book, tomorrow is happening today! Immediate action is what’s important. So, if you want to make positive and immediate changes in your life, you need to start working on your priorities.

In this sense, you can put off minor tasks and zero in on those goals that you need to do. For that, list down all your goals and score them based on urgency and value. The goals with the lowest scores can be put off, while the ones with the highest scores need your immediate attention.

3. Avoid overflooding your schedule

The work of a real estate investor is never easy, at least when you’re starting for the first time. You will need to meet with a lot of people and grow your network of brokers, agents, property managers, lawyers, and accountants. The number of meetings you need to attend can be overwhelming, so I would advise not to arrange too many meetings within a single week.

The reason for this is simple: You need to have enough time to prepare for each meeting. It doesn’t make for a great feeling if you have just finished an appointment and you have another one coming up in a few minutes. You simply won’t have time to think about the next meeting. With minimal preparation, do you think the discussion will end successfully?

If you haven’t perfected the social skills of a real estate investor, you will be having a hard time juggling your busy schedule. You can take the easier route by simply being conservative with your time. Don’t overflood your week with appointments and luncheons. Instead, give yourself ample time for preparation. That way, you can concentrate a hundred percent on meetings you need to attend.

So, it’s not that difficult to increase your focus by a hundred percent. You only need to know your priorities and prevent yourself from being too comfortable. An action-oriented mindset is, after all, an ingredient of success.

How to Accept Hard Changes in Life and in Real Estate Investing

Life is never constant. As we pursue the goals, we have set for ourselves, we will have to undergo hard changes before we can reach them.


Many people find it difficult to accept inevitable change, especially if it involves going out of their comfort zones. There’s always this fear of the unknown that tells us that we are safer inside our shells. We just can’t accept the fact that the world we live in is imperfect and that there are greener pastures outside. This explains why we resist hard changes, thinking that these threaten our own worldview.


One thing’s for sure, rejecting hard changes is like denying our own ability to adapt. Life doesn’t stay in one place. It has to progress through so many levels, much like the real estate sector. Market volatility has always been a challenge for investors such as me. There’s no telling what path the market will take next year or even next month.


In my own experience as a syndicator, hard changes are nothing new to me. I have grown to accept the fact that changes happen for two reasons. It’s either old approaches are no longer effective, or it’s time for you to wear bigger shoes. If you ask me, hard changes are necessary since it’s always our natural desire to evolve into better individuals.


When I transitioned from single-family homes to apartment complexes, it was not in any way easy for me. Still, I had to accept the change because it presented a logical step forward.


When you are given an opportunity to create greater wealth or achieve any other goal, there’s nothing and nobody there to stop you other than yourself. Let me share a few pointers on how to accept hard changes and become a better individual in the process.


  1. Things will get better

Many of us are unwilling to take action, mostly because we have grown attached to our comfort zones. When we try out something new, we detach ourselves from these zones. This makes us feel afraid, thinking that we’re not safe anymore.


Don’t let such thoughts consume you. Sure, it’s scary to step out of our shells, but you can always hope that things will get better – because it will! So, be positive about making hard changes in your life. I assure, once you get the hang of it, you won’t feel afraid as much as before.


  1. You need to break free from your problems

Problems won’t solve themselves. You need to take action and move forward. The only way to do that is to explore outside your comfort zone. Most of the time, you won’t find answers inside your shell. There’s a world outside that’s rich in ideas, so search for solutions there. After all, formulas no matter how tried and tested won’t work under different circumstances. It’s best to look outside so you can find a formula to breaking free.


  1. Practice is important

If you think trying out something new is tedious, it’s only because you haven’t tried enough. A difficult task becomes easier if you keep on doing it every day. It comes with practice.


Repetition has always been an effective strategy in teaching difficult concepts to kids. When taught the alphabet for the first time, children are told to repeat the sound of the letters. There a certain level of difficulty to this, but with constant practice, the children will be able to master their newfound communication skills.


Constant practice is important because it lets us develop a focused mindset and enables us to accept hard changes easier and faster.


  1. Assess the situation

When you are confronted by something new, you don’t approach it directly. You understand it first until such time that you are ready to make the change. People resent change only because they feel compelled to take immediate action.


Instead, look at hard changes as situations you need to test first. What are the rewards for making these changes? What should you do in order to maintain your momentum? What’s the best way to begin? By answering these questions, you will be able to set a system for accepting whatever challenges that may come your way.

How to Stay Enthusiastic All the Time

In multifamily investing, it helps to stay active, enthusiastic and happy all the time!



Well, it’s because positivity attracts success. If we train our minds to feel enthusiastic all the time, we are able to focus on the things that truly matter. On the other hand, when we let bad thoughts take control, it becomes difficult to make important changes that can impact the way we work and the way we deal with other people.


Indeed, the world of real estate investing has a lot of twists and turns. There will be challenges that can break our drive for success, but it’s always important to realize that overcoming these challenges starts in your mind.


When I started investing in single-family homes, fear was always an ever-present entity. Back then, I was a fresh graduate who was eager to chart his course in life.


I came to the United States with just $7. I spoke very little English with thick accent, and I didn’t even have the right connections. You could imagine how difficult it was for a young Indian man to find success. Still, America has always been the Land of Opportunity where, if you work hard enough and dream big, you can make it through!


Having realized this, I became less worried and found more reasons to be happy. It worked out for the best! Being enthusiastic enabled me to build valuable relationships with people. I got to meet fellow investors, CPAs, securities lawyers, and motivational speakers. It’s the relationships I’ve built that convinced me I was on the right track.


An enthusiastic attitude is an ingredient you need for success. To be always in the mood for happiness, you can use these important steps:


1. Repeat your goals for the day

When you have daily goals to complete, you should be looking forward to completing them. Write out Affirmations in present tense having accomplished your goals! Nothing gives us joy quite like the sense of fulfillment we get after achieving the goals for the day. It’s important to keep motivating ourselves into completing the tasks we have to achieve. So, spend time in front of the memory and try to enumerate the goals you have to complete by the end of the day.


2. Keep smiling

People would ask me, “Vinney, why do you smile a lot? It’s like you have never experienced stress before.” Well, I have been called Mr. Smiles for a big part of my career, and this is because of the fact that smiling is good for your health! When you smile, it gives people the impression that you are enthusiastic about what you are doing. So, flash your best smile when you are talking to potential business partners. Show them how positive you are, and they will show you their full commitment!


3. Be sincere and honest

People like it when you deal with them with utmost sincerity. If you are out to look for investors for your multifamily syndication, you need to approach them with honest intentions. Tell them that you are also an investor who specializes in multifamily properties. You can also tell them that you are looking to increase your cash flow by getting a new asset to your portfolio.


4. Be cordial and professional

Take it from me. You can be enthusiastic and professional at the same time. For this, it’s important to always have a positive mindset. When meeting a potential business partner for the first time, whether it’s at a coffee shop or your favorite restaurant, make sure to act kindly and focus on building a valuable relationship from the interaction.


5. Listen actively and with interest

People will know that you are enthusiastic if they see you listening intently to what they say. Creating partnerships involves engaging in dialogue where you respond to a statement and give a sensible answer in turn. When it comes to building a multifamily syndication, it’s important not to make potential investors feel that they are wasting their time having a conversation with you.


Trying to recall what the other person just said and “spacing out” mean that you are not interested at all, which is all the more reason for an investor to reject your offer. You need to show that you are enthusiastic by giving relevant responses to questions. You can also write down bits of information on a piece of paper. At least, through writing, an investor will think that you are being serious with your proposition.


Showing an enthusiastic attitude is your best bet in making it big in the multifamily game. So, keep these tips in mind, and maybe you can become the next Mr. or Ms. Smiles!


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