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Today’s show is all about TAKING ACTION NOW! Motivation “Golden Nuggets” coming your way.

The doers and the watchers – what category do you fit in??? Vinney Chopra also is known as MR. Smiles goes into great detail on why taking action now is the only way to live your life, especially in the apartment syndication world. He will motivate you to get out of a procrastination mindset and bring you into a motivated TAKE ACTION NOW lifestyle.

In this episode, he expresses how it is detrimental to your life and business to procrastinate. The doers are the ones that are successful, but the watchers are stuck in a procrastinating mode. Mr. Smiles goes through the actions to take you out of a “Watcher” or “Procrastinator” to getting it done. Mr. Smiles also goes into detail on how he keeps his students engaged and accountable. Like he says ” Make it happen each day.”


  • What makes you a doer rather than a watcher?
  • Why the Apartment Syndication world is the best world in real estate investments.
  • Details on the best part of his academy.
  • He goes into detail on how (other people’s money) “OPM” works but you will have to listen to get the details!
  • I cannot change the past but I can TAKE ACTION NOW and change the next 30 seconds to 30 days
  • What stops people from taking action and become a procrastinator?
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection!

How Hard is it To Have a Positive Mindset?

MINDSET V4 Listen to “How Hard is it To Have a Positive Mindset?” on Spreaker.

This week episode is from one the top coaches when it comes to mindset. He is so positive and loves to share his insight with everyone he comes into contact with. His energy and positive attitude is a perfect manifestation of an incredible mindset. If you are struggling, then this is a must listen…….

Mr. Smiles has an energy that is infectious. Just listing to him and his out look on life will bring you and your business to the next level. He explains how important it is to goal oriented and studious was the key to his success. What is the key to your success? This is a great episode where you can hear real life situations and solutions. You never know, it may give you a few ideas of your own…..


  • Does mindset control your destiny?
  • If you are in a situation you do not like, how you change it?
  • How does your mindset affect your life and business?
  • If you have a bad mindset at work does it affect your home?
  • How do you make the changes to have a better mindset and a better life?

Limiting Beliefs – How Do You Get Past Them?

LIMITING BELIEFS V4 Listen to “Limiting Beliefs – How Do You Get Past Them?” on Spreaker.

On today’s show Vinney (Smile) Chopra and Alicia Dibrell talk about limiting beliefs.  What limits do you put in front of yourself and your future?  How limiting beliefs can bring negative results. Limiting beliefs will drag you down and cast shade on your future.  Vinney gives detail on what is his definition of limiting beliefs and how he gets past it. 


  • Vinney’s definition of Limiting beliefs.
  • Why people have limiting beliefs?
  • The limiting beliefs that Vinney helps his students with.
  • Vinney’s top limiting beliefs.
  • How Vinney overcomes his own limiting beliefs.

What Drives You in Life and in Business?

Listen to “What Drives You in Life and in Business?” on Spreaker.

Today’s show is going to be great because Mr. Smiles is going to get into details about the importance of personal and professional DRIVE.  The reason this is going to be such an incredible show is Vinney (SMILE) Chopra is the EXACT DEFINITION ON DRIVE.

Mr. SMILES talks about the power of positive vibes. Vinney goes into details of the importance of the drive to achieve.  He goes into great detail on how a healthy driven mindset is achieved but you will need to listen to get the nitty gritty……

Why are some people successful and some are not? He explains how the mindset you have will affect your drive and success.


  • How he helps his students change their mindset.
  • Drive can be the difference of failure or success.
  • If you have the drive and buy correctly the “BIG BULL” is no big deal.
  • Can to much DRIVE come off as aggressive or arrogant?

Take MASSIVE ACTION – Weekly Goals

Listen to “Take MASSIVE ACTION – Weekly Goals” on Spreaker.

Well, the subject of this episode is key when it comes to the success of your business Where will you be next week, next month or next year? Mr. Smiles is a firm believer in having goals and achieving them.

Going after the big dream and breaking down your goals to an attainable achievability. Mr. Smiles is a key example of the importance and the power of goal setting He walks the walk and talks the talk. You will learn how he achieves such incredible goals personally and professionally. He also gives the goods on how to stay accountable in accomplishing yours. If you are serious about taking your life and business to the next level, then LISTEN CLOSELY!

Today’s Takeaways:

  • Age is a number.
  • Achieving goals is something you can do at any age.
  • Each week write down your goals.
  • Accountability is KEY TO ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS!
  • Life term goals!
  • Don’t watch TV, get focused and work on your goals and success.
  • If you don’t write your goals down, then you will most likely not achieve them.

Dedication – What Dedicates You to Achieve Your Goals?

DEDICATION V4 Listen to “Dedication – What Dedicates You to Achieve Your Goals?” on Spreaker.

In today’s episode Vinney (Smile) Chopra goes into great detail on what makes him dedicated and how he can help you utilize your dedication to live a better life and take your business to the next level. Mr. Smiles even goes into great detail at a time that things were not going so well with a deal but having that dedication to keep going always gets the job done. This is a must listen…….

Takeaways From Today’s Episode:

  • The importance of having dedication not only for your business but your family
  • Why some people lack dedication and some don’t
  • Mr. Smiles explains how he helps his students that are lacking dedication and get them back on track
  • Apartment syndication has many moving parts Mr. Smiles explains the most important things to dedicate your time with to take your business to the next level
  • Never give up

Identifying Emerging Markets

Identifying Emerging Markets V1 Listen to “Syndication Blueprint – Your Investment Blueprint will Make You or Break you!” on Spreaker.

In today’s episode, Mr. Smiles explains what to look for when looking for a market to invest in. What an emerging market and sub-market is. Why it is important to do your research on the market you invest in and what are the key elements to look for. He ends this powerful educational conversation with his GOLDEN NUGGET OF ADVICE – the power and importance of getting operating memorandums.

Show Takeaways:

  • How to determine an emerging market
  • How to find out the pockets you want to invest in.
  • Tertiary
  • What to look for and how important research is when choosing an emerging market or sub-market.
  • Your obligation to your investors in finding the right place to invest their money.
  • Why new jobs coming is key to identifying an emerging market.
  • What data is important when looking for an emerging market.


Syndication Blueprint – Your Investment Blueprint will Make You or Break you!

Syndication Blueprint V1 Listen to “Syndication Blueprint – Your Investment Blueprint will Make You or Break you!” on Spreaker.

Do you have a blueprint for your syndication business? If you don’t then you need to listen to this show because Vinney who has done more than $300,000,000 in apartment syndications has a blueprint that he is not only going to share with you but explain his process in detail.

Vinney explains why he wishes he could change the way people think about apartment syndication. Syndication = “OPM” which means pulling other people’s money together to make everyone a profit. That is what syndication is all about “OPM” if you are a smart business person like Mr. Smiles then you know your investors come first. Vinney even gives the goods on what the top 5 things you need to do continuously to build a successful and profitable apartment syndication business.

Show Takeaways:

  • What 5 plates do you need to spin?
  • Why is “OPM” important to grow your business?
  • No plan = no future!
  • The advantages of not only purchasing a building but running one
  • Team members are KEY
  • You may want the world but you need to qualify for a loan

OPM-How to Grow Your BUSINESS

Other Peoples Money V1 Listen to “OPM-How to Grow Your BUSINESS” on Spreaker.

This week Vinny Chopra also know as Mr. Smiles talks about “OPM” also known as other people’s money. He will discuss how important it is to take care of your investors and why “OPM” is the only way to make money in the apartment syndication business. He will end our weekly power talk with his weekly GOLDEN NUGGET on other people’s money and I will give you a hint, but you will have to watch and listen to get the goods. My hint is mindset…….

Today’s Takeaways:

  • The benefits of using other people’s money rather than your own.
  • Why it is important to make your investors feel comfortable
  • Other people’s money is the only way to scale your syndication business
  • Don’t tie all your money in one property.
  • Investors get paid first!
  • Your track record will make or break you with your investors.
  • The importance of creating a relationship before you show an investor a property.
  • Managing expectations of your team members at each property will keep people renting and keep you in the loop.
  • Is syndication safe?


Dealing with Broker V5 Listen to “BROKERS ARE THE LIFELINE TO YOUR BUSINESS” on Spreaker.

Today’s episode is about brokers. To use or not to use? Vinney goes into great detail on how brokers can make or break your apartment syndication business. Vinney will explain how important a good broker is and how they will also test you. Brokers want to know that you are a big player and want to close deals. Some brokers are great and some are not. How do you tell the difference?

If you want to know how to build a good relationship with the right brokers and get more info than listen, like and subscribe.

Show Takeaways!

  • Do you want a pocket deal or a napkin deal?
  • Will brokers test you?
  • As an investor do you test them?
  • How far does a broker get involved in a deal?
  • What to look for when a broker gives you a deal to look at?
  • *Sorry, you want the goods then subscribe, listen and share. Vinney gives the “NUGGETS” for success*
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