The Commit to Wealth Podcast, With Juan Vargas

The Commit to Wealth Podcast, With Juan Vargas

Episode 02: From Selling Books to Being a Big-Time Multifamily Syndicator, with Vinney Chopra >

The Commit to Wealth Podcast, With Juan Vargas

Vinney was a guest at a podcast show The Commit to Wealth with Juan Vargas. He shared a lot about his journey to the U.S with $7 on his pocket. How he made millions with his skill and enthusiasm to learn.

Vinney’s fresh start

Vinney Chopra (aka Smile) immigrated to the United States from India with $7 on his pocket. His main goal coming to the land of dreams U.S.A is to finish his MBA there. It was at George Washington University where he studied to finish his MBA. He began selling Bibles and books door to door just to get him through college. His hard work paid off when he graduated and started on his path towards success in the real estate sector.

An emerging legend

Vinney started raising money for non-profit organizations and later turned to single-family investing. After learning more about multifamily through an educational program, he decided to make the transition away from single-family and into multifamily. He started his first big one in the city of Odessa in the state of Texas. Vinney’s first multifamily property was a 14-unit and now he controls nearly $200M in real estate.

His Ideology

Vinney’s virtues in life resulted in his success. He views life as simply a process of forgetting and burning the past. You can’t move forward if you’re still going to linger on what’s already done. He was a failure before, but it didn’t stop him from believing in the things that he can do. He tells everyone that we must stop complaining and start acting right now. One must focus in life, learn from the past, and don’t remember the negative things. You can’t achieve success right away if you’re struggling with the things you just  can’t control. Focus on the here and now and great things will happen.

His passion for teaching pushed him to start a youth academy. There, he shares his philosophy in business and how it can be applied in real life. From his success down to his failures. Vinney believes that giving positive energy can help impact the lives of people.

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