Create Engaging Presentations for Investors Using These Tips

Create Engaging Presentations for Investors Using These Tips

Engaging Presentations for Investors

Unique and attractive presentations are important if you want to support your pitch and get investors on board. Often, you would think that providing a lot of stats and graphs can capture the interest of a lot of people. In reality, this is hardly the case.

In fact, presentations that use too much numbers and too many slides run the risk of being too boring. Of course, a boring presentation would mean an indifferent audience. For me, a great presentation goes beyond using numbers to illustrate your point. Being too technical can actually turn off potential investors.

If you want to set up a syndication for multifamily properties, then you are bound to create an effective presentation that should show what the investment is all about. It’s always tempting to stuff a lot of information into a 20-minute pitch. Still, using too much data and facts that your audience already knows won’t make full use of these 20 minutes.

Always present to engage. That is my motto. We want people to invest in something highly profitable, so it’s always important to engage them by treating the pitch as a conversation.

It’s only a matter of making your presentations more engaging by using these important tips.

1. Start with an inspiring introduction

Before making the pitch, it’s important to let your audience know you possess a good name. In other words, you need to show them where you came from and how you ended up being successful. Whenever people ask me the same question, I always started with the fact that I came to the United States with $7 in my pocket. I didn’t expect that I would make it big in the multifamily sector.  I started with single-family homes and before I knew it, I became extremely interested in real estate investing. I learned everything there is about the topic, and because of this drive, I was able to find success beyond single-family homes. True stories like this are always a great way to build your credibility and, more importantly, make your audience more interested on what you are going to say as the presentation goes along.

2. Provide examples

Numbers, graphs and citations from researches are always great knowledge resources. However, having too much of them can only give potential investors more questions rather than answers. They want something that’s concrete, so you will need to explain difficult data using examples. For instance, you want to help your audience understand how to calculate the net operating income of a 100-unit property. Rather than give them a formula right then and there, you can instead provide a sample computation.

3. Revolve around value

Investors want only one thing, and that’s ROI. They want to know if they’re going to profit a lot from their multifamily investment. With that being said, it’s essential you spend an ample amount of time explaining the value of their investments as well as the cash flow that they are going to enjoy. A good way to do this is provide the advantages and best case scenarios for your pitch. People would always ask why I am so focused on multifamily properties even though they’re much more expensive. I will always tell them a certain scenario with single-family homes. If a family decides to vacate the property, the house will not generate any income. With multifamily properties, on the other hand, one vacancy out of 100 units means you still maintain a good cash flow since you still have a lot of tenants remaining. This scenario is just one if many reasons why most of my students are quick to point out that multifamily apartment investing is a great concept.

4. Engage your audience directly

An effective presentation is not one-dimensional where you do all the talking while your audience sits, passively listening. Turn the presentation into a dialogue and ask intriguing questions to random members of the audience. It’s a good way to build rapport, and a better method than just simply stand in front just like college professor.

A good rule of thumb is to always show your positive side. Doing so will help you attract more investors to your syndication.

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