Directing Your Multifamily Management Team

Directing Your Multifamily Management Team

Do you have a level-headed property management team running the show in your multifamily? You and your tenants will be needing them now more than ever in this pandemic.

At the same time, they will also need some guidance on what to do in these tough times. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has left many confused and unsure of what to do. This can be the case for your property management team, your tenants, and even yourself.

Here are a few ways you can direct your multifamily management team in this pandemic:

Keep your employees updated
Don’t leave your management team in the dark! Everyone is awaiting news and answers on what the current situation is in your area and it falls upon you to keep them informed.

The more your management team is informed, the better they can respond to tenant needs and even keep the residents of your multifamily informed themselves.

Remember to only follow and post relevant and trustworthy news to your property management team and not be led astray by fake news. Be aware of sources and make sure that your team doesn’t spread misinformation and confusion.

Get them organized
Organize your management team by having specific tasks and stations for them each day on a daily basis. As well as arranging a schedule for them to follow every day.

It’s always important to declutter to keep your team from getting confused and possibly aggravating or irritating your multifamily property’s residents, complaints about your staff are the last thing you want to hear from your tenants at this time.

Ask for feedback
If anything else helps, ask your team for some personal feedback.

A little heart-to-heart between you and your team can help address concerns regarding your multifamily such as:

● Resource management
● Tenant complaints
● Issues within the property
● What can be done to support the property

Try arranging a brainstorming session as well with all of your team present to really break down these concerns to make your property better for your tenants during this tough time.

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