From Door To Door Book Sales To 9 Figure Real Estate Portfolio Owner: Vinney Chopra

From Door To Door Book Sales To 9 Figure Real Estate Portfolio Owner: Vinney Chopra

It’s tough to box Vinney into just one space, as he has been an engineer, a door to door salesman, a real estate broker, a real estate investor, and a couple other things along with his entrepreneurial path! Migrating to the United States from India as a 22-year-old kid with nothing except $7 in his pocket and a burning desire in his heart to achieve success.

Starting his legend

Vinney Chopra came to America with $7 dollars in his pocket. He really wanted to get his MBA from a top-tier university in the US. He wanted to finish it in the country, but his eyes were looking towards the world of marketing and selling.

While studying, his uncle at Maryland supported him while he was studying at George Washington University. He went on selling bibles, educational books and joined a motivational speaking group with fundraising. He experienced failure when he was a sales agent but, he made a rule to himself to never give up whatever the odds.

He was able to spend time studying about the real estate sector. He read books about successful investing and listened to lectures by motivational speakers.

A legend in Multifamily Syndication

Nowadays, Vinney controls and manages a $172 MILLION Real Estate Portfolio! That’s 9 figures! This man is absolutely fantastic! We’re about to hear a success story that will awaken us to the point that we also want to defy the odds.

Any realtor or entrepreneur that find themselves with limiting beliefs or an “I can’t do that” mentality statement, hit play NOW. This is the interview you have been waiting for! Vinney will prove to you that limiting yourself will only cause failures. He will help you through his advice which he gives with a warm smile and an enthusiastic attitude doesn’t fall short of being professional.


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