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Vinney covers the mistakes he's made in detail, the deals he's done, and his future plan going forward. He shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to build huge wealth in real estate.
Vinney outlines the perfect solution for you in this easy-to-read guide that you'll likely want to read from cover-to-cover in one sitting. 
  • What kind of real estate should you buy?
  • ​How can you buy it and what are the obstacles? 
  • What exactly is so good about multi-family?
Vinney shares and reaches out to you through his writings books for real estate investing and life in general. He makes it a point that we can all be like him if we go through a continuous process of self-education.
Vinney’s mission and vision are to impact the lives of people through innovative and educational materials made available online.
Success should always be a priority, and Vinney will always be there to walk you through every single step of the way. In the field of multifamily syndication, Vinney can teach how you can find opportunities in the unlikeliest of situations. Vinney himself came to America with only $7 in his pockets. Through hard work and an incessant thirst for knowledge, Vinney was able to turn this small amount into the very foundation of his venture into multifamily investing where he and his investors enjoy large returns from at least 27 successful syndications.

For Vinney, the action is always important, but it takes a lot of motivation to really get things done. In addition, you will also need to learn a lot from veterans. Being an experienced investor himself, Vinney shares his story and his insights about his chosen field through the books he has written.

We can check out helpful tips from these e-books as well as motivational pieces that can help us achieve greater success in life. Vinney is dedicated to his vision, he wants that every person will have a chance to change his life. He believes that change can be achieved through dedication. It’s only a matter of creating opportunities for ourselves and making sure we make the most out of them, and for that need to invest in real estate books.

Start your journey today by reading Vinney’s collection of e-books.
Positivity Brings Profitability
✅ Secrets to having a positive mindset that brings a profitable apartment investing and syndication business.
✅ Whether you are in real estate investing or really any line of work, you will learn in this book how to keep a positive mindset and build long lasting relationships that will bring you a truly profitable life.

✅Join Vinney along on his journey from $7 to growing a real estate portfolio worth over $350,000,000. You will learn not only the tips and tricks that have made his life very profitable but also the important life lessons to achieve true success.

✅Discover the secrets to living a truly profitable life while learning how to see the positive in all situations.
Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step by Step Guide
✅ This book will give you a step by step guide on how to make apartment syndication easy and take your business to the next level.
✅ This book has become the international best-seller within just two months.

✅This book is able to motivate and guide people looking to crack their first syndication deal.

✅ This book is able to motivate and guide people looking to crack their first syndication deal.

See What Other Are Saying...

Reviews (70)

See What Other Are Saying...

Great information for anyone interested in apartment syndication.
Mr. Smiles explains the operation of syndicating apartment complexes in a way that allows you to have a vision, and walks you through each step of the process. Taking from his many years of experience, Vinney shows you how to go through the process of acquiring apartment complexes, from beginning to end. I Highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning this trade. It's a book a that I will use like a manual, for many years to come.
Kyle J. Schielack
Great read for those searching for wealth through real estate
Vinney Chopra compiles his story of learning apartment syndication from beginning to end in a very easy read. Many of the learning objectives I have learned from Vinney through the years are presented in this book. If you are curious about apartments or real estate investments, this book is an excellent start to learning the business. I look forward to many other books by Vinney!
 Adam L. Weddle
 Not Just Another "Guru"...
Vinnie is an active investor and he gives solid actionable information for beginner as well as experienced investors. It would seem obvious for sydicators to read this, but this would be a great book for passive investors that do not understand how syndication works. When you are approaching passive investors that aren't sure about what you are talking about with them, send them a copy of this book to give third party credibility to your proposal.
 James A. Ingersoll
Outstanding! Value driven content that can impact your entire life
Smile! Vinney did an outstanding job writing this book and delivering a lot of value on how to find, perform due diligence, set up syndications and more.
Most books on real estate do not provide enough depth to allow the reader to take action, but this one goes into detail and you will have a lot of take aways from it.
It is written in an easy to read format which is also upbeat and positive.
There is a lot in this book on investing in apartments and I highly recommend to everyone!
Jim Ingersoll
Stephanie J. Hale
A Go-To Guide for Real Estate Investors
The author shows you how to acquire apartment complexes from start to finish.
He very helpfully walks you through the process step by step, drawing on his many years of successful experience.
This is a go-to guide for anyone interested in investing in real estate.

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