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A collection of e-books on multifamily investing and inspiring lectures by Mr. Smiles himself

Success can now be read through Vinney’s e-books. He shares and reaches out to you through his writings on real estate investing and life in general. He makes it a point that we can all be like him if we go through a continuous process of self-education.

Vinney’s mission and vision is to impact the lives of people through innovative and educational materials made available online.

Success should always be a priority, and Vinney will always be there to walk you through every single step of the way. In the field of multifamily syndication, Vinney can teach how you can find opportunities in the unlikeliest of situations. Vinney himself came to America with only $7 in his pockets. Through hard work and an incessant thirst for knowledge, Vinney was able to turn this small amount into the very foundation of his venture into multifamily investing where he and his investors enjoy large returns from at least 27 successful syndications.

For Vinney, action is always important, but it takes a lot of motivation to really get things done. In addition, you will also need to learn a lot from veterans. Being an experienced investor himself, Vinney shares his story and his insights about his chosen field through the books he has written.

We can check out helpful tips from these e-books as well as motivational pieces that can help us achieve greater success in life. Vinney is dedicated to his vision, he wants that every person will have a chance to change his life. He believes that change can be achieved through dedication. It’s only a matter of creating opportunities for ourselves and making sure we make the most out of them.

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Vinney’s E-books

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Students and Investors; Learning From Vinney

Vinney has put together a multifamily training academy that can take anyone from 0 to 60 in record time. He covers all the bases in a step-by-step fashion, including all the scary parts — which, for many, is the underwriting and analysis. I have found his material to be the “real deal” from years of doing this to perfection in the field. Anyone can do it, they just need to step up and decide to take massive daily action. Having Vinney in your corner really helps to keep your focus and motivation since he is a peak performance coach, as well. Thank you, Vinney, for creating the multifamily American dream!