The best thing about technology is that it has made possible to engage other people beyond geographical borders and develop valuable relationships as a result. On that note, Vinney is persistent in reaching out to his audience and delivering his message using tools such as Facebook Live.

Using this innovative channel, Vinney is able to share his experiences as a multifamily syndicator and answer relevant questions about the multifamily sector. He makes a healthy habit out of engaging his Facebook friends and just about anyone aiming to start investing in the multifamily arena.

Through Facebook Live, Vinney talks about his latest additions to his investment portfolio and how he managed to acquire them. He will give you the details and the strategies he uses to reach a successful syndication deal. If you’re having a hard time understanding the technical terms in the field, Vinney can help you with that in real-time through Facebook Live. Send him some questions and he can answer them right away.

Apart from multifamily syndication, Vinney is also using Facebook to reach out to people who want to make an impact in their lives. Catching up with Vinney through Facebook Live can definitely provide with everything you need to succeed in life.

One thing’s for sure, social media is a great platform for motivating people to work hard and continue learning. For Vinney, Facebook is a powerful medium for helping people realize their goals. Its positive impact can definitely provide us a way forward. Let’s not dwell on the negative side of social media. Instead, let us look towards the opportunities that are offered to us by platforms like Facebook.

Catch Vinney on Facebook Live every Friday at 10 AM PST. Each session has a different topic. Expect only valuable talking points from Mr. Smiles himself. No doubt, each session ends with a great wealth of knowledge and insight into the things forming Vinney’s world.