How to Accept Hard Changes in Life and in Real Estate Investing

How to Accept Hard Changes in Life and in Real Estate Investing

Life is never constant. As we pursue the goals, we have set for ourselves, we will have to undergo hard changes before we can reach them.


Many people find it difficult to accept inevitable change, especially if it involves going out of their comfort zones. There’s always this fear of the unknown that tells us that we are safer inside our shells. We just can’t accept the fact that the world we live in is imperfect and that there are greener pastures outside. This explains why we resist hard changes, thinking that these threaten our own worldview.


One thing’s for sure, rejecting hard changes is like denying our own ability to adapt. Life doesn’t stay in one place. It has to progress through so many levels, much like the real estate sector. Market volatility has always been a challenge for investors such as me. There’s no telling what path the market will take next year or even next month.


In my own experience as a syndicator, hard changes are nothing new to me. I have grown to accept the fact that changes happen for two reasons. It’s either old approaches are no longer effective, or it’s time for you to wear bigger shoes. If you ask me, hard changes are necessary since it’s always our natural desire to evolve into better individuals.


When I transitioned from single-family homes to apartment complexes, it was not in any way easy for me. Still, I had to accept the change because it presented a logical step forward.


When you are given an opportunity to create greater wealth or achieve any other goal, there’s nothing and nobody there to stop you other than yourself. Let me share a few pointers on how to accept hard changes and become a better individual in the process.


  1. Things will get better

Many of us are unwilling to take action, mostly because we have grown attached to our comfort zones. When we try out something new, we detach ourselves from these zones. This makes us feel afraid, thinking that we’re not safe anymore.


Don’t let such thoughts consume you. Sure, it’s scary to step out of our shells, but you can always hope that things will get better – because it will! So, be positive about making hard changes in your life. I assure, once you get the hang of it, you won’t feel afraid as much as before.


  1. You need to break free from your problems

Problems won’t solve themselves. You need to take action and move forward. The only way to do that is to explore outside your comfort zone. Most of the time, you won’t find answers inside your shell. There’s a world outside that’s rich in ideas, so search for solutions there. After all, formulas no matter how tried and tested won’t work under different circumstances. It’s best to look outside so you can find a formula to breaking free.


  1. Practice is important

If you think trying out something new is tedious, it’s only because you haven’t tried enough. A difficult task becomes easier if you keep on doing it every day. It comes with practice.


Repetition has always been an effective strategy in teaching difficult concepts to kids. When taught the alphabet for the first time, children are told to repeat the sound of the letters. There a certain level of difficulty to this, but with constant practice, the children will be able to master their newfound communication skills.


Constant practice is important because it lets us develop a focused mindset and enables us to accept hard changes easier and faster.


  1. Assess the situation

When you are confronted by something new, you don’t approach it directly. You understand it first until such time that you are ready to make the change. People resent change only because they feel compelled to take immediate action.


Instead, look at hard changes as situations you need to test first. What are the rewards for making these changes? What should you do in order to maintain your momentum? What’s the best way to begin? By answering these questions, you will be able to set a system for accepting whatever challenges that may come your way.

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