How to Relax your Mind When the Going Gets Tough

How to Calm your Mind When the Going Gets Tough


How to Calm your Mind When the Going Gets Tough

When you are working in a high stakes industry such as real estate, you find that it’s often difficult to calm your mind. As you handle a large volume of tasks and set up appointments with buyers or sellers, Attorneys or Brokers, vendors or insurance agents the stress you have built up makes it impossible for you to feel at ease.


Anxiety resulting from stress can be a major game killer. It prevents you from making the right business decisions. It pulls productivity levels down and creates an aura of negativity that turns people away.

Understanding the effects

Understand the many things that investors go through. I get that there’s a lot of stress in the real estate sector because many people are handling different things at the same time. It’s okay if you are really focused on the goals you have set for your company. Letting stress take over you can affect your work rhythm. You won’t be accomplishing any milestones as a result.

In my experience as a motivational speaker for multifamily investors and just about anyone who wants to lead a successful life, I always point out the importance of keeping a positive outlook in everything I do. There are hardships in my line of work, but I always remember to put on a smile even if things get hard. This is the reason why people call me Mr. Smiles! I also tackle every challenge with a positive attitude and enthusiasm. It’s hard at times, but it definitely helps in researching the core reasons for the challenges and finding many options to deal with the solutions for the same.

I personally believe in the power of positivity and its ability to overcome stress. If you think you are at a dead end, it doesn’t help to worry about the problem. Give yourself a breather by following these tips to completely relax your mind. No doubt that these will give you a renewed sense of purpose, allowing you to become even more productive.

Give yourself at least ten minutes of alone time

Stress is a sign that you have already burned yourself out. Like all machines, the human body can only handle so much pressure. Cars need an oil change and heavy machinery need to grease up their gears. Likewise, you need to take some time off from all the pressure you are handling.

It only takes ten minutes. Look for a quiet place where you can be alone. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Think of positive things that have happened yesterday or today. Visualize the positive things that will happen from this moment forward. This is not to say you should cut yourself off from others. You just need to deal with your thoughts with nothing to distract you. If you have a busy schedule ahead, take at least ten minutes to retreat to your quiet place. Take deep breaths and relax. After that, you will begin to see things more clearly. You will be able to solve any difficult problem with ease knowing that your mind is also at ease.

Share your smile

Here I go again! The reason why I am so enthusiastic about smiling is that of the benefits it brings. Apparently, you can’t argue against the science behind a smile. Studies show that smiling can release substances that facilitate the healthy communication between neurotransmitters. Writing for Psychology Today, Prof. Ronald E. Riggio points out that smiling releases what he calls the three “feel-good neurotransmitters – dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.” These work together to regulate your heart rate and make you feel more relaxed.

You can see why I always smile! It’s really good for your health and that of others. Referring to a Swedish study, Riggio points out that people tend to subconsciously react relative to the facial expressions of others. For example, if you are known to wear a poker face at the office, then your employees will always interact with you in a stiff manner. If you show more of your pearly whites for the most part of the day, then expect people to greet you back with an even brighter smile. So, in a way, your smile also makes others smile back and get their share of the health benefits. I like to send a motivational quote to all my staff as a Good Morning message. It cheers our Community Managers, who share the happiness during a staff meeting in their community.

Jog or walk to work

For me, exercise is a good way to rejuvenate a weary body. But aside from improving muscle and bone endurance, did you know that exercise can also help you manage stress more effectively? I, as many of us who are self-employed or own the majority of the company; telecommuting is so very essential to run our businesses. It’s quite possible to get on a rhythm to do the “Miracle Morning”- paying gratitude, doing some exercises, yoga and listening to positive songs/podcasts or hymns. I just love doing all these and briskly walking for 1 hour in the great outdoors. It brings so much joy and sets the day right!

It’s true! In an article featured in the Harvard Health Publishing website, exercise lowers the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. It also produces endorphins which cause “runner’s high” – that feeling of exhilaration and calmness you get when you are working out.

Jogging or walking to work especially in the early hours of the morning is a great way to prepare your mind and body for the long day ahead. Give yourself at least 20 minutes a day to jog around the neighborhood or the local stadium. That’s more than enough to calm your nerves and help you manage stress.

Spend time with your family

Maintaining a perfect balance between work and family has become very important among professionals. Since society is progressing at a rapid rate, people are working at the very same pace, often forgetting to spend quality time at home.

It’s sad to know that people are working themselves to death in a bid to become successful in their careers. In fact, a survey conducted in 2017 by the Boston College Center for Work and Family found out that 50 to 60 percent of working dads agreed that working beyond 50 hours a week is needed to get ahead. It’s no wonder that work has been the number one cause of stress ever since. As people work to build a better future for their families, they are also isolating themselves in the process.

It’s always important to know that your family will always be there for you when you feel stressed out at work. The time you spend with your spouse and your children will give you the extra motivation you need to overcome the countless challenges you are facing. After all, the reason you are working hard right now is the fact that you want the best for your family.

Never let work get in the way of quality time at home. Every second you spend with your family will give you an added reason to work harder with less stress.

I hope you will apply these tips. Remember: Successful people need some time off to recharge their batteries. You should too.

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