How to Enhance your Focus by a Hundred Percent

How to Enhance your Focus by a Hundred Percent

When you have plenty of goals you want to achieve, you will need to improve your focus by a hundred percent to get the best results. After all, the human mind can only do so much when it’s tasked to handle many different problems or issues all at once. To be truly successful, you need to put your mind on the right path and prevent it from steering off of this path.

In terms of focus, you need to realize your own limitations. You are not a robot. You can feel tired, hungry, and even angry if things don’t go your way. We can’t stop ourselves from feeling unproductive. However, we can always change how we focus on an issue or problem.

It’s only a matter of enhancing your focus by a hundred percent to unlock more opportunities along the way. Here are a few approaches you may want to consider:

1. Focus on one problem at a time

Compartmentalization has always worked for me since I concentrate on both quantity and quality at work. When you compartmentalize, you focus only on one task and do whatever it takes to finish it. Once you’re done, you can move on the next and apply the same amount of concentration.

This strategy works well if you have a long list of tasks you would want to finish within a tight schedule. It allows you to spend time and energy more efficiently. Although, working hard on one task after another can drain you out, at least you get to feel satisfied with the amount of work you have accomplished for the day.

2. List your priorities

Procrastination has always been a productivity killer. Nothing slows you down more quite like saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

In my book, tomorrow is happening today! Immediate action is what’s important. So, if you want to make positive and immediate changes in your life, you need to start working on your priorities.

In this sense, you can put off minor tasks and zero in on those goals that you need to do. For that, list down all your goals and score them based on urgency and value. The goals with the lowest scores can be put off, while the ones with the highest scores need your immediate attention.

3. Avoid overflooding your schedule

The work of a real estate investor is never easy, at least when you’re starting for the first time. You will need to meet with a lot of people and grow your network of brokers, agents, property managers, lawyers, and accountants. The number of meetings you need to attend can be overwhelming, so I would advise not to arrange too many meetings within a single week.

The reason for this is simple: You need to have enough time to prepare for each meeting. It doesn’t make for a great feeling if you have just finished an appointment and you have another one coming up in a few minutes. You simply won’t have time to think about the next meeting. With minimal preparation, do you think the discussion will end successfully?

If you haven’t perfected the social skills of a real estate investor, you will be having a hard time juggling your busy schedule. You can take the easier route by simply being conservative with your time. Don’t overflood your week with appointments and luncheons. Instead, give yourself ample time for preparation. That way, you can concentrate a hundred percent on meetings you need to attend.

So, it’s not that difficult to increase your focus by a hundred percent. You only need to know your priorities and prevent yourself from being too comfortable. An action-oriented mindset is, after all, an ingredient of success.

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