How to Reach Success – Slowly But Surely

How to Reach Success – Slowly But Surely

People nowadays think that success comes in an instant. You just snap a finger and everything you ever want magically appears on a golden platter. I wish it were that easy, but if it was, then we wouldn’t know the value of taking each step slowly but surely.

Everyone dreams of success, but life isn’t always making it easy for many of us. There are things you just can’t control. For me, you either give up or give it your all. The journey towards success isn’t made just so you can reach for it. It’s more of a process that tests whether you’re worthy or deserving of the rewards at the end.

In life, you need to struggle in order to get everything you want. There are no shortcuts and yet, people would risk going the easier path just because it offers the most convenience. People will try multifamily investing for all the wrong reasons, thinking that an apartment complex can give them their first million. In fact, it’s not the act of possessing an apartment complex that brings success, but it’s the process of purchasing one.

When I got started in the multifamily arena, it took me months to form a syndication. One thing’s for sure, it wasn’t an easy process. I worked hard on the underwriting, networked with a lot of brokers, and consulted syndication lawyers before I was able to close a deal on my very first property.

This has taught me a valuable lesson: You don’t have to rush things to make everything work out for the best. Take the journey one step at a time. Consistent and persistent action is the key. Let me show you how you can go about it.

1. Prepare a mission statement

Your mission statement should describe your goals. Other than giving you a reason to work hard, your mission statement should also describe how you are going to go about completing your goals. So, don’t just focus on the reward at the end of the journey. You also need to focus on how you are going to improve yourself so you may end up with more than just the reward itself.

2. Determine what you’re going to do each day

Every day provides an opportunity for making a difference. It’s only a matter of using the time you have to do productive things that are valuable to your goals. List down everything you need to do each day and make sure to complete them whatever the cost. Do this the next day, and you will definitely move closer to your goals slowly but surely.

3. Develop a system

The process of achieving success can take a long-time, but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to make the journey a bit easier. It helps to build your own system of doing things. If you juggle too many tasks, well-developed habits and routines can help you organize your time and resources for doing quality work. For me, I usually use compartmentalization. I would focus all my energies on one activity before I proceed to the next. This system allows me to optimize my time and reach my daily targets without compromising on quality.

4. Learn from the masters – and be a master yourself

If there’s one thing you need to get through life, it’s mentorship. You just can’t survive without having someone as your benchmark or standard. I have always emphasized the need for getting a coach because I need to have someone who can teach me the right way of doing things and correcting my mistakes. Now that I have grown out of that phase, I figured I would pay it forward by setting up a multifamily syndication academy. It’s possible to become an expert in your field, as long as you undergo tutelage under an expert who you can call your role model.

Keep these tips in mind and apply them in your life. It may seem like you’re taking forever, but before you know it, you will have already reached your goals.

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