Improving Morale In Your Multifamily

Improving Morale In Your Multifamily

Improving Morale In Your Multifamily

Morale is important to maintain, especially during a crisis.

The crisis of COVID-19 can have the residents In your multifamily feeling cooped up, bored, and generally isolated in their units. Which can lead to some tensions accumulating over time and negative emotions to stir the longer the days go since everyone is encouraged to stay at home.

Keeping the morale up in your multifamily property can be difficult, but there are ways to keep your residents at ease and happy in these trying times. Listening to multifamily podcast can help.

Here are a few options you can try:


Stock up on essential supplies

Many of your residents might not be able to even go out of your multifamily to their jobs, let alone risk heading out for basic food or supplies.

But you could be their saving grace by stepping in and providing bare necessities like food if possible, stocking up on essential supplies for your multifamily residents not only saves them what’s little of their savings but also their time and especially their safety.

Take care of your residents in these difficult times. They’ll be eternally grateful for it when all of this settles down and the panic has subsided.


Maintain communication

Self-isolation can be incredibly lonely, and your residents will also want to know as much news of the pandemic as it comes.

Maintain communication in your property by checking in on your residents every now and then by providing legit news updates, reminding them to stay healthy by washing their hands and such, and simply being able to say hi to see how they are doing can raise their morale in such gloomy days.


Offer compassion

These truly are difficult times. Many residents may be temporarily out of a job and can’t make the due date for the rent assuming that they aren’t working from home.

Easing up on the rent for the time being can bring a tremendous amount of relief and morale to a tenant, additionally, if it’s possible for you to make services within your multifamily free for use  such as washing machines then be sure to do it as soon as you can.

Keeping the morale up can get anyone through all manner of crisis.

Many multifamilies are currently suffering a drop in morale due to this pandemic, it may fall to property managers such as yourself to maintain it until the whole thing blows over.


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