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Infinite Banking – Becoming Your Own Banker With Jim Oliver & Harper Jones


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Hey, audience and listeners today we are having a very special guest on our weekly show to explain how to become our own banker. The most outstanding positive of the infinite banking concept or process is the sheer improvement in liquidity or cash flow. So let’s hear it from our experts Jim Oliver and Harper Jones.

Jim Oliver is the world’s foremost authority on the Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) and has dedicated his career to breaking the financial shackles that bind people and businesses to unnecessary taxes and interest expenses and Harper started his career out doing door to door sales while learning important sales and social skills. Harper did that for a handful of years until he discovered real estate where he invests and focuses on wholesaling, flipping, and multi-family properties. Harper is an advocate and practitioner of The Infinite Banking Concept and joined CreateTailwind as a strategist to teach people how to become their own banker


The hidden iceberg: the current state of banking and how banks profit using your money.
Traditional lending and the banking system use your money to create profit for others.
Infinite Banking circumvents the traditional banking system and gives you control of your money.
How you can couple Infinite Banking with real estate investing to create a pool of wealth that flows to you

In this podcast, we’ll unlock the secrets to breaking out of the herd, thinking BIG, and building wealth on our own terms. Tune in now.



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