John Carney Episode 31: Playing the Multifamily Game with Vinney Chopra

John Carney Episode 31: Playing the Multifamily Game with Vinney Chopra

John Carney Episode 31: Playing the Multifamily Game with Vinney Chopra >

Stay Humble and Build a $170 Million Multifamily Portfolio

Vinney Chopra’s passion has been real estate investing for more than 30 years. He’s a commercial California Broker and an expert Multifamily Syndicator. Vinney is the Founder and CEO of Moneil Investment Group, LLC, a company that provides investment opportunities for qualified investors in the commercial real estate market, especially in the multifamily arena. Through his multifamily passion and belief in having a positive way of thinking, Vinney was given the nickname of Mr. Smiles.

Vinney has a $172 million multi-family portfolio, 26 syndications, up to 43% annual investor returns, and manages over 3,100 apartments. While his achievements are all like a dream come true, he was anything but rich when he arrived in the US more than 40 years ago, having only $7 in his pockets. The odds were stacked against him, but he knew there was an opportunity to be successful in this country. That vision for success served as his inspiration to learn and work hard for his dreams.

Five Key Points:

Syndication is a game, a pooling of money to buy more stuff. So many people are looking forward to investing and getting better returns than what the banks are giving. With low interest rates, today is the best time to invest in any kind of real estate. Young people should start companies while they’re still in high school. To be a successful entrepreneur, you have to communicate well with other people and explain the benefits of your offer well.

Favorite Athlete:

Joe Montana – Former American Football Quarterback

Favorite book:

Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Pro tip:

Just have positive thinking and rely on the law of attraction. Believe you’re alive to do good to everyone around you and the world will give back.

Free Ebooks:

Email Vinney at to get a free eBook on how to syndicate in a simple fashion.

Thank you, Vinney, for taking the time to share your expertise on multifamily syndication with us.

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