Keeping Coronavirus Panic Out Of Your Multifamily

Keeping Coronavirus Panic Out Of Your Multifamily

Keeping Coronavirus Panic Out Of Your Multifamily

Health and wellness are always a primary factor to maintain during this coronavirus pandemic among your multifamily tenants. However, you need to keep their peace of mind intact as well.

Panic is a dangerous thing to let loose in your property especially in times like these. You’ll want to keep your tenants calm and not encourage them to go out there panic-buying large amounts of toilet paper to hoard within your multifamily.

Keep your multifamily tenants assured, calm, and feeling safe with the following tips:


Communicate with your tenants

Communication with your tenants keeps the panic of coronavirus out of your multifamily, and simply checking in on them to ask how they’re doing or to lend a hand in a small issue they’re facing in these difficult times is all some folks need for reassurance.

Don’t be afraid to talk it out with your tenants, because the end of the day we’re all facing this pandemic together and a few words of comfort always help.

Ask them to listen the real estate podcasting that will help in learning new strategies. This might keep them busy and out of stress.


Keep them informed

In times of crisis, don’t leave your tenants in the dark with what’s happening.

Keep your multifamily residents informed with recent and relevant news of the coronavirus status in your area, however, be sure to pull this information out of trustworthy and legitimate sources before sending it to them to avoid spreading false rumors.


Enforce health practices in your property

Put up a few health practices or notices around your property for all your tenants to see and follow.

Having your tenants practice a few enforced policies in your multifamily such as washing their hands, avoiding facial contact, and social distancing can keep them from panicking and resorting to following advice from poorly written internet articles.


Don’t add fuel to the panic

The best way to avoid having panic in your multifamily is to avoid spreading it yourself.

As stated before, maintain communication with your tenants and avoid spreading tabloid or unreliable news around about the coronavirus. Don’t stoke your resident’s fears as this could send them into a panic that could escalate beyond your control.

Additionally, allow yourself to emphasize with your tenants who are facing difficulties during this time. Don’t be cold and shut them off with statements like “It’s not such a big issue” but rather be compassionate and embrace their fears with statements like “I’m worried about this too.” This allows your tenants to feel safe and secure within your property.


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