Multifamily Maintenance Checks

Multifamily Maintenance Checks

In times of crisis, a property manager should make sure that their multifamily is still in proper working order so that their resident’s home comforts are not ruined during a difficult time.

If your multifamily property’s city area is already placed under lockdown due to the panic of COVID-19, for instance, you’ll want to ensure that the residents still residing in your apartment are still getting their home comforts in this crisis.

Be that property manager who looks after their tenants right.
Here are a few things to check off for maintenance in your multifamily:

Appliance checks
Inspect each appliance in your multifamily for your residents such as stoves, heating systems, and air conditioning units, and make sure they’re operational enough for the next couple of weeks.

Have your maintenance team inspect these for damages and faults which could compromise the comfort and safety of your tenants.

Structure checks
Your multifamily building structure should be at its best in difficult times.

As much as possible, have maintenance check in on damaged doors, windows, flooring, walls, and ceilings and have those areas inspected for any cracks or leaks that your resident may report or complain about.
General health checks
This check is especially important in this particular crisis.

Check-in on the health and safety of your multifamily residents, conduct health checks on your tenants to see if they’re okay, as well as provide health and safety guidelines around your property for them to read anywhere in the building.

Supply checks
Lastly, while your residents may be stocked up on food and supplies themselves, it’s safe to have extra supplies around in case the crisis situation turns for the worse.

Extra food, water, first aid, disinfectants like alcohol and batteries are a few good examples of emergency supplies your multifamily property needs for you and your residents to survive in a crisis.

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