Multifamily Tips For City Lockdown

Multifamily Tips For City Lockdown

Multifamily Tips For City Lockdown

Is the area of your multifamily property compromised due to an inevitable lockdown of the city? If so, then your next priority should be on the well-being and care of your residents.

Coronavirus has placed many cities on lockdown, as a property manager it’s your job to ensure that your multifamily and the people living inside it will feel safe and secure for as long as your area remains on lockdown.

Here are a few ways to prepare for that:

Stock up on essential supplies
When your multifamily property’s area is on lockdown, it’s important to know many places except essential supply places will be closed down. This is why stocking up on the essentials is important for you and your residents.

First and foremost, focus on actual important items on your grocery list. A few key examples being:
● Food
● Water
● Hand sanitizers
● Alcohol
● Medicine

Keep your multifamily stocked with essentials that your residents will need while being cooped up within your property.

Maintain communication with your residents
Communication with your residents is important, especially when it comes to also keeping them informed about the current state of the city.

Don’t leave your multifamily tenants in the dark, keep them updated on the latest news and announcements that have gone on in your property’s area. Meaning you too must keep in touch with what is allowed and what isn’t outside your apartment.

Additionally, talk to your residents and ask them if they’re doing alright. Provide what assistance you can as we are all in this crisis together.

Enforce strict travel policies in your multifamily
If there are now strict rules against travelling outside or if traveling can be difficult in your city, encourage your residents to stay at home as much as they can if possible.

Keep your multifamily on curfew at best, if your residents really have to head outside for supplies or for work then remind them to disinfect and follow basic health tips such as washing their hands and keeping themselves from touching their face or coming from crowd-heavy areas in the city.

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