Real Estate Radio Live Hosted by Joe Cucchiara

Real Estate Radio Live Hosted by Joe Cucchiara


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Multifamily Syndication with Vinney Chopra by Real Estate Radio Live

One thing everybody loves is a good success story. Today, Joe calls up Vinney “Mr. Smiles” Chopra, a realtor who has put up some unbelievable real estate numbers. Leaving India with only $7 in his pocket and a ton of positive attitude, he has become a force of nature as he closes one syndication deal after another.

Vinney’s great start.

As a student 40 years ago, Vinod Chopra wanted to finish his MBA in the U.S. He thought that having an MBA on marketing and sales will make for a great partner for for his engineering background.

Setting foot in the United States of America, he only had $7 on his pocket and a dream. Vinney managed to enter George Washington University with the help of his uncle. He wanted to work to lessen his expenses at school. As a result, he sols bibles and encyclopedias door to door. After all the sacrifices that he has made, his hard work paid off and he finished his MBA. Since then. Vinney never stopped looking for opportunities that would result to his success.

Getting there

Vinney landed his career as a consultant for 30 years. He started his career as a real estate broker on 2004 where he passed the stringent exam and got his license. Vinney has a lot of knockdowns,  but due to his persistence, he didn’t stop. He did a lot of research and eventually had Dave Lindahl as his mentor.

His advice for starters.

During the show, Vinney shared these tips for those who are planning to invest in Multifamily Syndication. Vinney talks about why it is such a strong market and provides tidbits on what you can do to appeal to the millennial and baby boomer generations. You want to value everyone around you, so  integrity and transparency with your investors is the key to long-term success. Hiring the right people and building a great team is also essential as these people can help in simplifying the process.

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