My Interview With the "Systems Guru": Vinney Chopra

My Interview With the “Systems Guru”: Vinney Chopra

I first heard Vinney on a podcast in which he was talking about how he came to this country with only $7. From there, he accumulated property after property after property, and he now has a youth academy focused on 18-year-olds and is managing over $200 million worth of multifamily units.

Today, I wanted to speak with Vinney and hear his story because it’s chock-full of value and wisdom. To learn his story, methods, and strategies, refer to the video above. I’ve included timestamps below so that you can navigate the discussion at your leisure:

1:15—Vinney’s modest upbringing and journey to America with only $7

2:50—Going from an engineer to a salesperson

6:25—From student to teacher: Training and coaching about multifamily sales

8:28—How to pivot from single-family real estate to multifamily

10:28—Vinney’s deal-finding techniques

13:52—Expanding his reach to marketplaces across the country

16:55—What is an offering memorandum?

18:00—A short break and a word from our sponsors

21:34—Back to our show!

22:19—Vinney’s biggest “why”: What kept him going through the hard times

27:14—How much time Vinny spends finding or raising money versus finding a deal

28:37—Advice for single-family agents about our turning market: Should we be cautious or carefree?

32:38—Wrapping up his previous company and meeting in the middle: How he manages to operate as CEO when his marketplaces are all over the country

33:38—Vinney’s Youth Academy; his advice for those just starting

36:56—Vinney’s family; Moneil Management Group, one of his companies, is named after both his children

38:16—Vinney’s parting words; an invitation to reach out to him

I’m so grateful to have had Vinney Chopra on my show. He is a fountain of wisdom and knowledge about multifamily syndication and so much more.

To reach Vinney and his team, text the word “Syndication” to 474747. He believes in prompt communication, so you can expect a reply shortly after. After he has collected your email address and contact information, he can offer a range of free things, including a sampling of his courses. Additionally, you can visit his website at to see all his podcasts, interviews, techniques, and more.

Vinney also likes to blog on the BiggerPockets website, where his content has gotten him named Editor’s Choice for the last three or four months. To read his blogs, visit

If you have any questions for me, you are always encouraged to reach out to me and my team at Katcam Real Estate. We’d love to hear from you.

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