OPM-How to Grow Your BUSINESS

OPM-How to Grow Your BUSINESS

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This week Vinny Chopra also know as Mr. Smiles talks about “OPM” also known as other people’s money. He will discuss how important it is to take care of your investors and why “OPM” is the only way to make money in the apartment syndication business. He will end our weekly power talk with his weekly GOLDEN NUGGET on other people’s money and I will give you a hint, but you will have to watch and listen to get the goods. My hint is mindset…….

Today’s Takeaways:

  • The benefits of using other people’s money rather than your own.
  • Why it is important to make your investors feel comfortable
  • Other people’s money is the only way to scale your syndication business
  • Don’t tie all your money in one property.
  • Investors get paid first!
  • Your track record will make or break you with your investors.
  • The importance of creating a relationship before you show an investor a property.
  • Managing expectations of your team members at each property will keep people renting and keep you in the loop.
  • Is syndication safe?
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