Resolve Your Legal Issues in Real Estate Sector With AMY WAN

Resolve Your Legal Issues in Real Estate Sector With AMY WAN

Welcome to the Syndication Made Easy with Vinney Chopra show everybody! Today we are with Amy Wan, the founder and CEO of Bootstrap Legal. Our topic for this conversation is Amy will be sharing her expertise and how to avoid some pretty serious legal troubles through oversights and non-disclosures.

Learn the essentials and also hear some great, specific details in the Q&A following the presentation.

As you enter a deal, it is vital to know the standard fees that are customary to charge to get compensation. It is essential to hire a syndication attorney to assist with the legal matters of real estate investments. Amy Wan, breaks down the fees every realtor and investor should be aware of prior to making and closing deals. A well-known legal expert, Amy reveals the charges sponsors usually advance personally, the three most common ways to structure your investor distributions, and the real estate waterfall method. On the side, she gives away the things you have to take note of before taking money from investors.

Topics discussed –

  • Don’t pay someone to raise money for you
  • Transaction attorney
  • Enforcement attorney
  • Securities attorney
  • Local real estate attorney
  • SEC investigation
  • Syndications
  • Raising capital
  • Fund of funds
  • Changes from COVID – 19

Vinney agrees with Amy Wan as we all love our privacy, So there is an importance of Privacy Laws. 

It was a pleasure to interview attorney @AmyWan of BootStrap Legal to discuss Navigating the Securities Law and Capital Fund Raising. It was fun and I learned a lot! Enjoy.


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