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Richer Soul: How to Smile in the Face of Adversity While Making Money in Real Estate Syndication

Episode 0062: How to Smile in the Face of Adversity While Making Money with Real Estate Syndication, with Vinney Chopra >

Money Learnings: Vinny grew up in India as one of 6 kids with very humble beginnings. He wanted to come to the land of opportunity,  the USA and he arrived with $7. His kids started with humble beginnings and watched their parents wealth grow. His son has not taken money from them since high school. Vinny’s kids live a very simple life.

Take away: Life happens for you, how can you smile in the face of adversity.

Action step: What can you do to invest in yourself?

Show notes: 

  • Live life below your means.
  • Vinny would send money back home to support his family.
  • How do you smile in the face of adversity?
  • Happiness is found in the small things in life.
  • Life happens for a reason. Accept the downs in life, find a way through and think positively.
  • Most people don’t take action. Be part of the 3% that do.
  • How to invest in yourself.
  • 30/30/30 philosophy of life
  • Youth academy –
  • The power of real estate to build wealth.
  • How invest in real estate it without dealing with tenants or doing the repair work.
  • The power of real estate syndications when you have the money but not the time.
  • Creating systems to run your business.
  • How to do due diligence on the deal.
  • 65 is still young! What’s your purpose in retirement?

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