Syndication Blueprint – Your Investment Blueprint will Make You or Break you!

Syndication Blueprint V1 Listen to “Syndication Blueprint – Your Investment Blueprint will Make You or Break you!” on Spreaker.

Do you have a blueprint for your syndication business? If you don’t then you need to listen to this show because Vinney who has done more than $300,000,000 in apartment syndications has a blueprint that he is not only going to share with you but explain his process in detail.

Vinney explains why he wishes he could change the way people think about apartment syndication. Syndication = “OPM” which means pulling other people’s money together to make everyone a profit. That is what syndication is all about “OPM” if you are a smart business person like Mr. Smiles then you know your investors come first. Vinney even gives the goods on what the top 5 things you need to do continuously to build a successful and profitable apartment syndication business.

Show Takeaways:

  • What 5 plates do you need to spin?
  • Why is “OPM” important to grow your business?
  • No plan = no future!
  • The advantages of not only purchasing a building but running one
  • Team members are KEY
  • You may want the world but you need to qualify for a loan
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