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Today’s show is all about TAKING ACTION NOW! Motivation “Golden Nuggets” coming your way.

The doers and the watchers – what category do you fit in??? Vinney Chopra also is known as MR. Smiles goes into great detail on why taking action now is the only way to live your life, especially in the apartment syndication world. He will motivate you to get out of a procrastination mindset and bring you into a motivated TAKE ACTION NOW lifestyle.

In this episode, he expresses how it is detrimental to your life and business to procrastinate. The doers are the ones that are successful, but the watchers are stuck in a procrastinating mode. Mr. Smiles goes through the actions to take you out of a “Watcher” or “Procrastinator” to getting it done. Mr. Smiles also goes into detail on how he keeps his students engaged and accountable. Like he says ” Make it happen each day.”


  • What makes you a doer rather than a watcher?
  • Why the Apartment Syndication world is the best world in real estate investments.
  • Details on the best part of his academy.
  • He goes into detail on how (other people’s money) “OPM” works but you will have to listen to get the details!
  • I cannot change the past but I can TAKE ACTION NOW and change the next 30 seconds to 30 days
  • What stops people from taking action and become a procrastinator?
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection!
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