What Drives You in Life and in Business?

What Drives You in Life and in Business?

Listen to “What Drives You in Life and in Business?” on Spreaker.

Today’s show is going to be great because Mr. Smiles is going to get into details about the importance of personal and professional DRIVE.  The reason this is going to be such an incredible show is Vinney (SMILE) Chopra is the EXACT DEFINITION ON DRIVE.

Mr. SMILES talks about the power of positive vibes. Vinney goes into details of the importance of the drive to achieve.  He goes into great detail on how a healthy driven mindset is achieved but you will need to listen to get the nitty gritty……

Why are some people successful and some are not? He explains how the mindset you have will affect your drive and success.


  • How he helps his students change their mindset.
  • Drive can be the difference of failure or success.
  • If you have the drive and buy correctly the “BIG BULL” is no big deal.
  • Can to much DRIVE come off as aggressive or arrogant?
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