What's Special About Gratitude?

What’s Special About Gratitude?

Do you know how lucky you are right now? The sun shines so brightly down on you and gives its warmth in the midst of winter. You’re living right now and experiencing the marvels of life. Have you ever tried to say thank you for that? The greatness of gratitude comes from acknowledging its gift to you.

Why do I need to say, “thank you”?

 Once there was a man who felt that his life was so miserable, and he kept on comparing his life to everyone else’s. One day, he was walking to work when he saw an old man on the street pulling his cart. The old man’s cart was full of tomatoes. Suddenly a car hit the side of his cart. All the tomatoes rolled over the street. The car didn’t stop after what happened and drove away. As a result, the old man cried and went down on his knees.

The man sympathized with the old man and helped him pick up what was left of the tomatoes. The old man was still crying, and you could barely recognize his sweat because of his tears. He approached the old man and gave what was left of his tomatoes. The old man showed his gratitude by saying thank you to the man. The man stopped for a while and wondered about why the old man showed his gratitude after what had happened.

In life, we always complain and ask why we can’t have what we always want. Let’s try to wake up into our senses and see how lucky we are right now.

Contentment and gratitude fill up the soul. Have you ever asked why we are having those bad and head-wrecking nights? It’s for us to experience hardships that are shaping us into the people we are right now. Be thankful for what this day could bring. Get away from the rest of the world for a while. Then, reflect on the things that you have right now, give thanks, and embrace it because you have it. Don’t complain because you are sustaining the gift of God.

Gratitude and Life’s bliss

We are all living witnesses to someone’s love. We believe that there is someone that is greater than us that gives us what we have right now. The almighty!! This may be one that you believe in. We must all be thankful for what we have. How about we say thank you for the grace, love, mercy, and peace that we’ve experienced. This one principle that has shaped my life, it just brings so much solace and peace in the mind.

When you thank someone, you give them an abundance of joy. A perfect example of this abundance is when you thank to your parents for the love they’ve given. The unconditional and authentic love that they have given you throughout their lifetime is priceless.

Every person that you’ve met across the stages of your life would also feel the same way when you show them your gratitude for the work they’ve done. It’s safe to say that a “thank you” goes a long way.

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