Moneil Investment Group, LLC provides investment opportunities for accredited investors in the commercial real estate market, specifically in the multifamily arena. We do extensive research to find the best emerging markets in specific states, build a team of professional brokers and lenders, then find off-market, value-add assets. Our company negotiates and purchases top-quality assets that are projected to generate both current income and equity growth, ultimately experiencing significant capital gains when sold. Properties are held in an LLC in which investors own a share of regularly distributed income and ultimately distributed principal based on their initial investment. Assets are often held on a five- to seven-year timeline.

Accredited investors are invited to join in these investments with the goal of achieving above-average current cash-on cash returns as well as a growing value of their initial investment. The investment is suitable for direct investment as well as investments through self-directed IRAs or 401(k)s and other qualified tax-deferred funds. Each asset is managed by a separate LLC created by Moneil Investment Group, LLC for the purpose of operating the property efficiently to add value, with constant attention to producing the best returns for investors and maintaining open communication. We self-manage all our acquired assets.

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Varied opportunities exist for collaborating with Vinney Chopra in his current and future acquisitions. In doing so, individuals can benefit from the experience and knowledge that helped Vinney successfully close 12 multifamily syndications worth $132 million in just two and half years. It is a chance to see the multifamily syndication investing business up close, learning about research, underwriting, operations, investor relations, asset management, financing and broker and legal relations – not to mention possibly profiting as a member of the manager LLCs.

Vinney also is preparing to launch a $50 million equity fund in early 2018 for six to 10 acquisitions.

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