Students and Investors;
Learning From Vinney


Students and Investors;
Learning From Vinney

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Learning Valuable Strategies With Vinney

Hearing Vinney Chopra at one of the podcasts, I knew he was the doer. I’ve reached out, invited him to breakfast exactly a year ago, I saw what he was doing in the multifamily industry and followed him. Today he is my mentor. I shadowed him in Texas, saw his properties, his company culture, and I can say that Vinney Chopra is the best mulitifamily syndication businessman and mentor.

—Elijah Koryfan Artman

Your Step-By-Step Syndication course has been invaluable in my learning and equipping me with the skills and confidence to continue deal hunting, underwriting and submitting LOIs. Thank you, Vinney, for the straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense course!

—Zain Sattouf

Vinney has put together a multifamily training academy that can take anyone from 0 to 60 in record time. He covers all the bases in a step-by-step fashion, including all the scary parts — which, for many, is the underwriting and analysis. I have found his material to be the “real deal” from years of doing this to perfection in the field. Anyone can do it, they just need to step up and decide to take massive daily action. Having Vinney in your corner really helps to keep your focus and motivation since he is a peak performance coach, as well. Thank you, Vinney, for creating the multifamily American dream!


Vinney is without a doubt the most humble, positive, and generous person I know! I first heard about him on a real estate investing podcast and sent him an email asking if he would take some time out of his day to meet. … I was shocked when he responded within a couple hours saying he’d love to meet, since he is such a busy guy! His enthusiasm is contagious, and he truly pours his heart into all his investments and coaching sessions. He’s a systems guy and I’m constantly impressed by how well he manages his business; you can tell he does his homework! Whenever coworkers and colleagues express interest in real estate investing, Vinney is the first person I point them to.

-Joshua A

Through working with Vinney I have been able to grow leaps and bounds on my journey to investing in multifamily. Through his mentorship I not only have learned the ABCs of syndication, but I’ve also been able to become an all-around better business owner. Vinney has a balance of being very action-oriented without losing attention to detail. With his wisdom and expertise he is able to really set the pace for his students. If you are considering working with him, make sure you are ready to push yourself to take massive action. If you are, it will surely pay off.

—Dylan M

Vinney is a seasoned multifamily syndicator, an excellent mentor and a great person. Vinney’s multifamily syndication course is a simple step-by-step, easy-to-navigate course, even if you never have done a multifamily syndication before. Vinney is always accessible to answer your questions. He is open and transparent with everything he does. He genuinely cares about people and always looks for a win-win situation. Vinney is the best.


Wow! After watching a recent video of Vinney’s, I felt as if my soul was fed. I believe in Vinney and his idea of educating through his Youth Academy. He will be forever remembered through this new impact on life he is creating for others. What a blessing Vinney is!

—Puneet Sidana

I so appreciate that Vinney went out of his way to meet with me — a complete stranger — and he was one of the most genuine people I have ever met. I can’t thank Vinney enough for his advice and motivation.

—Jason Williams

I had been wanting to invest in multifamily homes for a while but was confused as to how I should start. So I reached out to Vinney, who graciously gave me advice and shared worksheets and other helpful resources via his Multifamily Syndication Academy. This is some really great learning material!

—Ashish S. Chettiar

I just listened to an excellent podcast interview with Vinney and want to say Thank You!!! I’m just getting into the multifamily game and his thoughts and insights really hit home to me. I love Vinney’s energy and his passion for learning and being #1.

— Roger Austin

Thank you, Vinney. You personally always make time to respond to phone calls and emails quickly. You are open and approachable. And you have an endless amount of energy!

— Lisa

I just listened to an episode of “The Best Investment Advice Ever” with Joe Fairless interviewing you, and you blew my mind! It was great listening to your insightful story and couldn’t believe my ears when I heard about your investment strategies …I thank you for your time and wisdom.

— Ivanhoe Alvarez

I’ve been following Vinney for a while. Love ALL of his material and videos on multifamily investing. Vinney, you’re a superstar!!!!

— Max Lopatin

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