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Vinney’s coaching has been amazing. I would have never dreamt that I could sit with Investors and thoroughly explain the benefits of investing in a Multifamily Deal, much less have the knowledge of how to structure a Syndication Fund. Now, after a few short months, I am able to find a deal, research the area, underwrite and go through all of the steps of putting together a great deal with little help from our mastermind group. His course is very detailed and step by step. All of the materials are provided. You are not asked to pay for any extra courses. Vinney is a great coach and mentor!
Daniel C
Two years ago, I decided to transition from my job to become a Multifamily Investor. At that time, I did not know how I would do it. To this day, I think I may still be there had I not met Vinney. Coaching with Vinney gave me the jumpstart that I needed to close my first deal and quit my job. Today I have invested in 300 units and have another 240 under contact. Vinney takes what seems to be a “10,000 lb gorilla” and breaks it into simple actionable steps. The best part about Vinney is that he leads by example as a true veteran in the field. He has worn every hat. You name it, he has done it.
Dylan M
I have gone through several multifamily courses and I can confidently say that Vinney’s Academy is at the best. Firstly, he is the real dealmaker doing the deals himself and not just teaching courses. Secondly, he gives his 100% to his students without holding anything back. Thirdly, his academy breaks down the complexity of syndication into a step by step process. Fourthly, his mastermind sessions are invaluable where he analyzes real deals giving critical feedback. If you want to learn from the best, Vinney is your man.
Victor S
Vinney Chopra is one of the most knowledgeable and generous mentors in the Multifamily Syndication space. His experience is invaluable and he is generous with that knowledge imparting it freely. IMO he is the best single source for this type of information to be found anywhere. Vinney is open, kind resourceful and has a genuine interest in success of his students. He is a true believer in “paying it forward” and so his success become contagious! He is the BEST.
Stephen D
Vinney is a seasoned multifamily syndicator, an excellent mentor and a great person. Vinney’s multifamily syndication course is a simple step-by-step, easy-to-navigate course, even if you never have done a multifamily syndication before. Vinney is always accessible to answer your questions. He is open and transparent with everything he does. He genuinely cares about people and always looks for a win-win situation. Vinney is the best.
Vinney is without a doubt the most humble, positive, and generous person I know. I first heard about him on a real estate investing podcast. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he truly pours his heart into all his investments and coaching sessions. He’s a systems guy and I’m constantly impressed by how well he manages his business; you can tell he does his homework. I have recommended his academy to several friends.
Joshua A
Vinney’s Multifamily Academy gave me enough knowledge and confidence to contact brokers, underwrite deals, tour properties and I’m ready to pull the trigger. The best part, Vinney is available to answer any of my questions. Comparing to others in the industry, Vinney is a realist and practices what he preaches. I shadowed him in Texas, saw his properties, his company culture, and I can say that Vinney Chopra is the best in multifamily syndication.
Elijah K
Vinney has put together a Multifamily training academy that can take anyone from 0 to 60 in record time. He covers all the bases in a step by step fashion including all the scary parts that include underwriting and analysis. I have found his materials to be “real deal”. Anyone can do it if they step up and take action. Having Vinney by your side helps me to be motivated as he is a peak performance coach as well. Thank you Vinney for creating the Multifamily American dream!
Roger A
Vinney has changed the way I look at investing in Real Estate! By joining his Academy, he breaks down the syndication model to 5 spinning plates and teaches us the importance of keeping focused. He is not only a teacher but an inspiration for me to achieve my goals. Thanks Vinney, I have learned so much from you.
Sheldon K
Vinney’s coaching program is unlike any other. The tools he provides are practical and useful. The weekly calls are invaluable and allow the group to dive in and look at a particular property. What’s great is that Vinney looks at it like he would do his own deals. He pokes holes into the analysis so his mastermind group can understand what they need to look for in a market.
Jacob F

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