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No.1 Automation software for banks, CRE investors and servicers

OS/Rent Roll extraction, underwriting, and workflow automation software to run CRE investment and mortgage servicing run 10X faster and cheaper.
Get started with Clik tools, and upgrade as you grow.

Offering Details at a Glances

Auto Underwriting

Extraction software to help you automate OS, Rent Roll and multiple format PDF/excel extraction at scale.

Popular Features

Asset Management

Smarter way to manage and move data from CRE documents to your servicing software.

Popular Features

Services Hub

On-demand real estate analysts and experts available for critical transaction support to help you manage and close deals faster.

Popular Features

Boost your growth

Automate the underwriting for commercial real estate deals. Free-up your analysts from manual effort of
data input into templates that allows you to focus on core business with a highly automated underwriting solution.


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